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Loeries Finalists: Best of Illustration in Advertising

Chappies Edible Street Art | Loeries


We’ve already done a round-up of the best of Technology, so now we’re taking a look at some of the best examples of Illustration in Advertising, chosen from the Loeries Finalists.


Chappies Edible Street Art


Chappies Edible Street Art 6

Chappies Edible Street Art 2

Chappies Edible Street Art 4

Chappies Edible Street Art 3

Chappies Edible Street Art 5


Ogilvy and Mather Cape Town | Illustrators: Emma Butlin, Jamie Mietz, Justin Enderstein, Emma Cook, Danielle Clough | Chappies Bubblegum

Full credits


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Marmite Halloween






MACHINE | Illustrators: Dani Loureiro | Marmite

Full credits
Marmite Halloween – 13 Dark Tales


Marmite Halloween 4 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 5 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 13 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 12 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween7 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 14 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 6 (13 Dark Tales)

Marmite Halloween 11 (13 Dark Tales)


MACHINE | Illustrators: Andrew Ringrose, Dani Loureiro | Marmite

Full credits


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The World’s First Tweeting Badger


Worlds First Tweeting Badger2

Worlds First Tweeting Badger3

Worlds First Tweeting Badger


Hellocomputer | Illustrator: Eras Gous | Johannesburg Zoo

Full credits


Seeds of Truth








Native | Illustrator: Christiaan Venter | TRUTH Coffee

Full credits


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Loom Posters – Hipster, Miami, Scissors






iKineo | Illustrator: Emma Cook, Michael Tymbios | Loom

Full credits


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The Bicycle Film Festival




King James | Illustrator: Alistair Palmer | The Bicycle Film Festival

Full credits


KFC Coffee – Cello, Hairdresser, All-nighter, Bumper Basher


KFC Coffee - Cello

KFC Coffee - hairdresser

KFC Coffee - All nighter

KFC Coffee - Bumper basher


Ogilvy and Mather, Johannesburg | Illustrator: Thule Ngcese / YUMYUM London | KFC

Full credits


Santam Insurance: Cookie Crumbles, Oopsie,  Pear-Shaped


Santam insurance Cookie Crumbles

Santam insurance oopsie

Santam insurance Pear-Shaped


King James | Illustrator: Adam Hill | Santam Insurance

Full Credits


Geek Gods Calendar 2013


Geek Gods Calendar c.u

Geek Gods Calendar 1-6

Geek Gods Calendar 7-12


MACHINE l Illustrators: Andrew Ringrose, Dani Loureiro l Habari Media

Full credits


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Ster Kinekor – The Shining, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, King Kong


hd_c815870e89a34b3de8eccef5feb4e348 hd_7bdba6bfc07557574856807c4e5e41e1 hd_f4bd339a0e2bdedcfe2a2a02c82e1e85 4f60d485998f640fdf631f871e1e047d



FOXP2 | Illustrator: Studio Muti | Ster Kinekor

Full credits


Trojan Sweet




Draftfcb Cape Town| Illustrator: Christiaan Venter, Ryan de Carte, Brendon Barnard | Vital Kids

Full credits


Autism is:


a580b182d43dc7b32f97d3ec9bc658da 87b61305aa9de77d8011fc2da971721d 9dba7f2a55db53f55f1e5fb44be1beee cd2f4de2f136a5ab28a4495043e08aeb


House of Brave | Illustrator: Sarita Immelman, Marcelle Labuschagne, Susan Aukema, Sanche Frolich, Louwrens Venter, Clarice Bezuidenhout | Autism South Africa

Full credits


McDonald’s Kids Birthday Parties


kids-birthday-parties-abigail-and-the-inflatable-house-1024-19132 Paper-House-A2 Glass-House-small


DDB | Illustrator: Carioca | McDonald’s

Full credits


When Allergies Take Over





Saatchi & Saatchi | Illustrator: Robert Dersley | Otrivin Nasal Spray

Full credits


National Geographic Kids Magazine – I Before E, Hypotenuse, Oslo






FOXP2 | Illustrator: Patrick Latimer | National Geographic

Full credits


Any great examples we missed? Let us know in the comments.


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