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Gallery Roundup: 4

Part four of our Art Fair sneak-peek into the booths of some of this year’s participating galleries. 



Rooke & Van Wyk


Gavin Rooke, previously founder of Rooke Gallery, and Roelof Petrus van Wyk, photographer and curator, have combined their respective talents and experience, to establish Rooke & Van Wyk. The partnership focuses on emerging African talent, concentrating on identifying, developing and building the careers of artists who locate their practices in photography and painting.


Who are some of the artists you will be featuring at the FNB Joburg Art Fair this year?

We are focusing on young photographic artists from across the continent who are pushing the boundaries of the subject, Africa:


– A female artist from Togo, Hélène Akouavi explores her in between refugee status, the space between the “wall and the wallpaper”, with traditional black and white, long exposure, film photographs.


– From Lagos, a young photographer, Lakin Ogunbanwo, subverts the tradition of studio photography in West Africa to create sensual and startling images of contemporary beauty.


– A 10 year social-documentary project in the underbelly and on the edges of life in Maputo by Ditte Haarlov Johnsen stir deep emotions.


– Justin Dingwall and his collaboration with Thando Hopa, re-calibrates your mind and eyes to Albinism.


– Ransacking the traditional arts of sculpture and painting, Nico Krijno cuts his own aesthetic path into exquisite meditations of colour and form.



What kinds of works (medium) can we expect to see?

Photography till your eyes bleed. The booth at the Art Fair presents an overview of 10 artists work as a taster for the solo shows and publications coming in 2014.



It is the renaissance period for both photographic art as well as the global interest in the subject of Africa.



Ditte Haarlov Johnsen


Helen Amouzou


Justin Dingwall in collaboration with Thando Hopa


Lakin Ogunbanwo


Nico Krijno



Dawid’s Choice Exhibition


Dawid’s Choice Exhibitions was established in 2004, with the first major exhibition held at The Castle in Cape Town. The gallery hosts approximately ten solo or curated group shows a year, with the primary focus being on mid-career South African painters and sculptors.


Who are some of the artists you will be featuring at the FNB Joburg Art Fair this year?

I’m taking artworks by three artists: Olaf Bisschoff [painter], Rhett Martyn [painter] and Carlo Gibson [sculptor]. Carlo Gibson is actually better known for his fashion lable – STANGELOVE. He trained in Fine Art and Fashion. For the FNB Art Fair he is making an enormous steel [as opposed to cloth] crocodile.


What kinds of works (medium) can we expect to see?

Rhett Martyn will be showing oil paintings. In the included work, we see Jane, an ape and Tarzan’s foot. Olaf Bisschoff’s big oil painting is called “Lobolo for a Future Wife” and it features a little porcelain bird built into the painting. It was purely by chance that I got an animal in each of the tree artists’ works: crocodile, ape and bird. There are more works on exhibition by all three artists.



We would feel happy if people leave our booth thinking “Why?”


Rhett Martyn, 'Tarzan'

Rhett Martyn, ‘Tarzan’


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Between 10 and 5