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Silver Slipstreams | A Film by Bring Back Choirboy and mblife for Mercedes-Benz SA



The beautifully filmed and much-anticipated video, Silver Slipstreams, was released yesterday after months of preparation and production. The piece is a collaboration between filmmaking dream team Bring Back Choirboy and mblife for Mercedes-Benz South Africa.


In it, the Franschoek Pass in the Western Cape provides a magnificent setting as 24-year-old graphic design student and champion downhill skateboarder, Decio Lourenco, takes on former pro racing driver Robbi Smith behind the wheel of the A 45 AMG. The result is a 3 minute, black and white showcase of the precision, grace and control of both the extreme sport and the car.


Having been downhill skateboarding for close to a decade and having reached speeds of up to 110km/h, Decio was the perfect man for the challenge. Similarly, Robbi was an ideal choice for the film having been involved in stunt and precision driving for over 25 years, featuring in more than 1 200 vehicle television commercials.


The film took the Bring Back Choirboy crew three days of intense shooting to capture using extreme slow-motion cameras, helmet-cams, car mounts, remote-controlled drones filming from the air, as well as agile cameramen on skateboards weaving between the racers.


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Photographs by Michael Ellis


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