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Snailboy | An Epic Adventure Launched

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Good news! Since the last time we spoke about it, Snailboy – An Epic Adventure has launched and is now available for iOS.


The game follows the journey of Snailboy, a charming little slugger with a big heart, after he’s ambushed by the Shadow Gang. They steal his shell pack and his prized collection of precious shells, which the game player helps him to rescue during the course of over 45 levels of game play. The mobile game is physics based, and boasts rich graphics of magical environments paired with killer sound.


Snailboy was developed over a period of 8 months by Thoopid – a team of avid gamers and dreamers who are “determined to spread their goodness around the globe.” Based in Cape Town, the startup gaming company draws on the experience of award-winning designers and developers.


Download the game here to play it for yourself: available for iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2+ and iPad mini for $1.99. The Andrioid version of Snailboy will be released soon and a version for OUYA is also in the works.


To stay updated as things continue to develop, follow Snailboy and Thoopid on Facebook.



Snailboy Levels



Snailboy Interface


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For some insight into the character animation of this skillfully crafted game, have a look at the video below:


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Snailboy Sketches




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