Allan Gray “The Slip” TVC | Distraction Is The Enemy



A first look at the new Allan Gray TV commercial by King James. Titled ‘The Slip’, the ad is part of a new ‘Distraction Is The Enemy’ campaign for the brand.


Over the last 39 years we have found that the biggest enemy of long-term investment reward is distraction. This is why we avoid trends, hype and popular opinion and stick to our tried and tested investment philosophy.




Group Chief Creative: Alistair King
Executive Creative Director: Devin Kennedy
Art Director: Chris Charoux
Copywriter: PJ Eales
Agency Producer: Caz Friedman
Production Company: Velocity Films
Director: Greg Gray
Producer: Helena Woodfine



  1. Crazy – i like it

  2. What exactly are we selling here?

  3. Love the sound track. Any chance of telling us who is it and what is the track title?

  4. Nina Simone

  5. What a wonderful concept. I love it…I love it.

  6. I cannot get the song out of my head. What is the title of the sound track sung by Nina Simone.

  7. Nina Simone – Sinnerman

  8. Totally like this ad! Can’t get the soundtrack out of my mind.

  9. I get it, too many distractions, but this advert seems to get distracted by its sense of being pleased with itself.Great song though.

  10. disappointing… they have set the bar pretty high with their past few ads. This one fails emotional connection…

  11. fantastic ad and even more fantastic choice of song! LOVE it!!

  12. Love this ad, such a catchy tune, got me jamming on it time nd time again!!!