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Boys of Soweto


Meja L. Shoba is a director in UCLA’s graduate film program. Based both in Johannesburg, South Africa and Oakland, CA, she produces narrative films and documentaries, as well as works in advertising and fashion. She is also the filmmaker behind the Dirty Paraffin documentary released earlier this year.


Meja’s latest work is this fashion-inspired short starring the Boys of Soweto (Bobo Ndima, Mbali Bangwayo, Pirates football player Manti Molemo Moholo, Kronic Bonisiswe Nhleko, and Morgan Kgobane) known on the Johannesburg scene for their dandy sense of style. The film was planned and produced in collaboration with the dapper crew and shot in one day in Soweto.


About the piece:


A group of well-dressed young men vie for the attention of a young lady, and soon learn her affection is won by a kind gesture, and a bit of cleverness.


Between 10 and 5