Liqui-Fruit Resealable Cap TVCs | Bester Burke



A quick trio of 11-seconders by Bester Burke introducing Liqui-Fruit’s new packaging. The agency said, “Liqui-Fruit asked us to come up with a TV campaign to promote their new packaging. The most notable change to the pack is the removal of the straw, a characteristic that led us straight to a simple, humorous insight.”




Creative Director: Stephen Burke
Art Director: Romano Cardinal
Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher
Production Company: Giant Films
Director: Peri van Papendorp







Cape Town


  1. I’m jealous of these.

  2. Classic excellent TV Ads. Dig it.

  3. These are fantastic! Man I am gonna look like a dunce when I do the exact same thing!

  4. Burke Bounces Back, Boom! Bang for your Buck. Nice BBS.

  5. Nice work, Peri.

  6. SirHashtagTrendy

    #best #loveit #wheresmystrawwheresmystraw #ohno #haha

  7. I wish these were mine. Jeeze.

  8. these are money