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21600 Seconds by Justin Dingwall

Justin Dingwall


While on location on the island of Zanzibar for an eight-day fashion editorial shoot, Justin Dingwall used his only day off to depart from the idyllic island life that he’d been capturing all week.


In his own words:


“Today is Sunday, the only day that I have off… this is my only chance to capture the Zanzibar that I have seen over the last six days. Not the one that you see in holiday brochures and websites, but the raw and gritty unseen Zanzibar that most tourists don’t see or, some of them, choose not to acknowledge.


I have to make the next shooting hours count. You technically only have six hours of shooting time in a day. Three hours in the morning before the harsh sun comes out (and burns you to a crisp) and three hours in the late afternoon before the sun disappears (and you become a feast for the mosquitoes).


One of the local guides and translators suggested that we head north to the small fishing village of Nungwi. A huge factor that influenced this photographic project was the contrast between the abject poverty alongside the affluence and luxury of the tourist resorts. As a South African, one is not naïve about the poverty in Africa, but it is still a shock when you are confronted by the drastic living conditions you were not expecting in such a beautiful place.”


The resulting set of portraits are an authentic slice of Zanzibar, captured in 21600 seconds.


See previously featured series, Incurious and ALBUS, to read more about Justin. For more of his work visit his Behance page.


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