MTN ‘Book’ TVC



MetropolitanRepublic and Am I Collective are the masterminds behind the latest MTN ‘Book’ TV commercial. They collaborated on the MTN ‘Wallet’ TVC too.




Agency: MetropolitanRepublic Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Peter Khoury
Creative Director: George Low
Creative Director: Peter Khoury
Copywriter: George Low
Art Director: Nicola Iuculano
Art Director: Nicola Bower
Art Director: Peter Khoury
Producer: Nicola Martin
Production House: Am I Collective Cape Town
Ruan Vermeulen – Director
Arnelle Woker – Producer
Chantal de Kock – Assistant Producer
Mark van Niekerk: Managing Director
Animation: Killer Robot VFX
Head of Animation: Adrian Berghoff
Props: SBB Fabrication
Head of production: Lila Bothma
Stop frame animation: Jason Kyle from SBB and Lindsay van Blerk from xyzoo
Music: Audio Militia.


Here’s a look behind the scenes: 





  1. Please dont be dicks guys…
    Killer Robot VFX did most of the work.
    Please dont say stuff like “MetropolitanRepublic and Am I Collective are the masterminds” and NOT give the animation company that actually BUILT everything that you are ooohing and aaahing about.

    Small things like this are just one of the reasons VFX companies close as they do.
    No one thinks they are important.

    just a little rant 🙂

  2. sure they did, but it takes a mastermind to create the story and the concept… that credit has to go to Metropolitan and Am I Collective…

    Looks great!

  3. why would you remove my comment?
    people need to take their blinkers off when it comes to who ACTUALLY does the work.
    ogoditsandre’s comment is like saying the Pope was the true mastermind behind the Sistine Chapel.

  4. We love to hear back from you and think it’s necessary to have a platform where readers can give feedback and make comment on the South African creative industry. However, we’d like 10and5 to be a place where great work is praised and criticism is made constructively and respectfully.

    We reserve the right to remove comments that we find to be destructive.

  5. dcock. that is all.

  6. Iknowwhatyoumean

    Metro is an agency that often takes the lion’s share of the credit – thats why they are where they are today. Might not be an accurate reflection of reality, but I guess that’s what you have to do to get ahead.