TRUE-VIEW by The Pratley Co


For the past 12 months, a small tech start-up called The Pratley Co have been working on a device and an app that lets you take 3D photos and videos with your smartphone. They’ve called it the True-View.


The base of the device contains a widget of strategically placed mirrors that splits the camera lens of the smartphone into two stereoscopic images.  These images are placed at a specific distance apart that is similar to the distance between your two eyes.  The device then allows users to take photos and videos with their smartphone placed inside the TRUE-VIEW.  When the left eye views the left image and the right eye views the right image independently of each other, a stunning 3D effect is seen.


The goal of this project is to make user-generated 3D content available to anyone with a smartphone. With the help of scientists, optical specialists, designers, engineers and manufacturers, True-View has already gone through dozens of mock-ups, which has led to a fully working prototype.


To be able to take True-View to the market, The Pratley Co have launched a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve done all the work to create an amazing product – now all they need is to raise the funds for tooling and manufacturing. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.


The Pratley Company was founded Peter Brennan, with Oscar Fernandez (Creative Director) and Martin Brennan (Director) also part of the team. The company is inspired by Raymond Pratley, Peter and Martin’s grandfather. His belief in quality, heritage and “doing things properly” is the driving force behind everything they do.


The video (above) was shot and directed by Peter Hamblin.












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