Lunch Bar ‘Extras’ TVC



The latest for Lunch Bar by Ogilvy Johannesburg and Velocity films. About the commercial:


Lunch Bar is the chocolate bar for the hungry hustler – the guy who is hungry for much, MUCH more!  In the new TV ad, Tumi embodies the Lunch Bar guy, someone that seizes any opportunity to succeed. This takes a lot of effort and perseverance, and only one chocolate bar can fuel Tumi as he hustles his way to success. Oviaaas.




Agency – Ogilvy Johanneburg
Executive Creative Director – Marianna O’Kelly
Agency Producer – Tessa Weakley
Agency Art Director – Chantelle Dos Santos
Copywriter – Dan Parmenter

Production Company – Velocity
Director – Adrian De se Garces
Producer – Karen Kloppers
Director of Photography – Werner Maritz

Editor & Company: SAKI BERGH – Left Post Productions
Visual Effects Company and person – Blackginger
Music Company/Composer/Sound – Louis – Produce Sound
Post Production Online – Blackginger
Post Production Offline – Left Post Productions



  1. whaaa………..

  2. Lost…

  3. very funny. Well done!

  4. Looks awesome. Makes zero sense.
    Disappointing, as the production is the amazing.

  5. is amazing*.

  6. he is an extra on a film set but at the same time is also trying to promote his car wash business.
    because he is passionate. right?

    do we all have to make boring ‘live your dream’ ads because noone can understand something different

  7. I did not get it.

  8. Not obvious, obvious

    Apologies. I didn’t see the obvious concept through all the confusion.
    Great job by Velocity though.

  9. The phone number is engaged – wouldn’t it be awesome if it actually worked?

  10. I don't get it

    Very good production but I didn’t get it hey.

  11. Creative, out of the box, VERY FUNNY.

  12. Wow I love this ad very funny and very intruiging big ups Tumi lol