Cell C ‘Believe’ TVC



SA mobile networks are in the habit of making big production, big brand ads for summer. This is the latest from Cell C since last year’s cinematic ‘The Power is in Your Hands’ which got everyone talking. Titled ‘Believe’, the flying squadron- and firework-featuring commercial was made by Ogilvy Johannesburg and Ola! Films. The TVC was shot over six days in Cape Town.


This is what the brand has to say, “As Cell C believes in championing the consumer, the brand now seeks to enable everyday South Africans to realize the power they hold within. Through this campaign, Cell C entrenches the reason why people need to believe in themselves and in each other, making dreams come true.”




Executive Creative Director: Neo Mashigo
Art Director – Marcus Moshapalo, Justice Mukheli
Copywriter – Justin Oswald
Senior Strategic Planner – Stefan Siedentopf
Business Director – Masego Motsogi
Managing Partner – Colleen Berrange
Head of TV Production – Debbie Dannheisser
Production Company – Ola! Films
Director – Amy Allais
Executive Producer – Olivia Leitch
Producer – Brenda Wilson


Making of:





  1. Cell C for yourself.
    You are missed.

  2. I’m confused.

  3. oh will you guys stop censoring comments already!
    What is this Korea?
    all I said is that the work is sub-par to the old Cell C work. (Which it is) and that it looks like Ogilvy isn’t trying (Which they’re not)
    So I can only write something if it’s good?
    you guys cater to the ad industry, which is arguably one of the most opinionated industries in the world.
    and we’re not allowed to voice an opinion here because it might offend someone?

    grow up.

  4. hear hear

  5. Really disappointing.
    Cell C must be implementing a very long term strategy, because it feels like they are talking to children.
    Scary how far this brand has fallen since the days at Network.


  7. Who is singing this song? Whts the name of this song?

    SUPERB ad BTW.

  8. a bit more “ideation” required on this one

  9. what`s the name of the song used in the add? brill

  10. Please tell me what type of fireworks are used in the advert?? (Those that the people on the beach are holding in their hands while dancing)??

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2oRqyn7ToQ

    Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi – Beautiful People

  12. How does an advertisement for a cellular network provider not feature the kind of products related to their brand and offering. The only thing that tells you this is CellC is the logo at the end. At first I thought it was an advert for something like a travel agency or hotel chain like Tsogo Sun. Definitely is a great advert which people will take notice of, it has a lot of emotion but totally misses the mark with regard to product placement.

  13. I just bought a sony experia and it takes 2 sims. The one is on cell c and the other is on telkom. Besides telkom mobile being better on everything (price 25c and 75c within and outside network resoectively) I am hardly on cell c because the ntwork never wakes up. So @ first take, I thought this advert was Telkom Mobile’s