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Openings This Week: JHB

It’s a busy week for openings and other art events in Joburg. We’ve rounded up all the listings, here they are. Now go see some art.


Wednesday: 09 – 10 – 2013


Marang a Letsatsi, a solo exhibition by Jerry Gaegane opens at the Market Photo Workshop



The recipient of the Edward Ruiz Mentorship, Jerry Gageane has been working for over a year on his body of work. He has been exploring the phenomenon of informal mining, both below and above ground. It has taken considerable time for Jerry to develop the trust and confidence of these miners, and to develop a sensitive body of work that considers issues of migrancy, work and ownership in harsh economic environments.


Market Photo Workshop, 2 President Street, Bus Factory Entrance, Newtown.


More info here.



The Guilds and Unions Film, A film on craftsmen and machines which will start the three week-long exhibition by Joachim Schönfeldt at the Parking Gallery




The show ‘the guilds and union film’ wishes to explore various aspects around craftsmen in terms of headspace, structure, sight and smells and the social world around them.


Parking Gallery, VANSA Offices, King Kong Building 1st floor 6 Verwey Street New Doornfontein.


More info here.


Thursday: 10 – 10 – 2013  


Double bill at The Goodman Gallery Johannesburg, corner of Jan Smuts and Bolton Avenue. Both 6pm


Frances Goodman / Sub Rosa


Frances Goodman Sub Rosa


Goodman’s ‘Vajazzling’ series and other related works explores the covert and the subterranean, destabilising notions of objectification and female corporeal perception.


More info here.


Kudzanai Chiurai / Harvest of Thorns


Kudzanai Chiurai / Harvest of Thorns


The show is a culmination of Chiurai’s projects around public acts of violence as documented and represented by the media. The exhibition interrogates a contemporary African notion of sacrifice, though not enquiring into its necessity. Violence and sacrifice are evidenced through Chiurai’s use of sheepskin, bandages, wood, blood-red beads and bronzed horns. Chiurai alludes to ritual practices of war, cleansing and burial.


More info here.



MARS: From the Ground Up, a graffiti exhibition by Two by Two Art Studio


MARS: From the Ground Up, a graffiti exhibition by Two by Two Art Studio


One of the themes we have been unpacking and repackaging, for the last year at Two by Two Art Studio, is how graffiti writers find their place in the art world and at what point do studio artists leave the white cube for the streets.


Two by Two Art Studio, 41 Gwigwi Mrwebi (formerly Pim) Street, Newtown


More info here.



Double bill at Circa Gallery, 2 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank. Both 6pm


Elegies to the slender scrub, by Helmut Starcke


Helmut Starcke


In his series of ‘protea’ paintings Starcke pays posthumous tribute to this ebullient flower with its ericoid leaves and loaded symbolism. Together with the springbok antelope, the protea has been regarded as a controversial national symbol in South Africa, both during and after apartheid.


More info here.


Camouflage, a group photography exhibition with Francki Burger,  Sethembile Msezane, Hentie van der Merwe and Reney Warrington.




Different notions of camouflage serves as the binding theme in this exhibition. The works in this show often serve as a vehicle to speak about the underlying tensions in each of the artist’s own emotional, social and cultural environments, as well as their relation to a South African past littered with traumatic events.


More info here.



Archival Impulse – A walkabout with Ayana Jackson at Gallery MOMO. 52, 7th Avenue, Parktown North, 6pm




Friday: 11 – 10 – 2013 


Act/Naturally, an exhibition of paintings by Craig Smith at Room




In this latest body of work, Smith presents canvasses of figurative abstractions, whose thematic is the capture of fragments from the everyday.  The bold palettes and flattened backgrounds,  striking in their oddity speaks of an immediacy that is the fleeting moment.


Room Urban Art Projects, Space #4, 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein


More info here.


Saturday: 12 – 10 – 2013


‘A Labour of Moles’ book signing and reading by author Ivan Vladislavić at Fourthwall Books




Each of the slender books in this ongoing series combines the work of a writer and an artist. Vladislavić’s story, in which the narrator negotiates his way through the letters of the alphabet, is beautifully illustrated with drawings taken from the famous ‘Duden Bildwörterbuch’ or pictorial dictionary.


Fourth Wall Books, 44 Stanely, Millpark


More info here.


Between 10 and 5