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Toy Kingdom

Toy Kingdom ‘It’s Great To Be A Kid’ Print

Toy Kingdom


Eight children played art director for this print campaign by Canvas for Toy Kingdom.


The agency says, “There’s something quite thought provoking in the juxtaposition of the innocent, joyful, playful mind of a four year old and the harsh reality of grown up life. We wanted to highlight this classic comparison in an interesting way and leverage it for Toy Kingdom. We took the most stark representations of mundane, boring and harsh adult life – bureaucratic paperwork and forms – and gave them to children, to see what they made of them.


Our findings? Well, kids aren’t very good at filing out tax returns. They’re not very good at applying for chronic disease cover, either. They can’t be bothered with medical aid applications and they really don’t care about insurance. Because in a child’s world, death, disease and theft are not part of the picture. Adult life is coming on fast, but we hope they stay this innocent for a long, long time.


Adult life is on its way, but while they’re kids and they know nothing of it’s petty frustrations – let them play.”




Advertising Agency: Canvas, South Africa
Creative Director: Michael Ipp
Art Director: Matthew Grobler
Copywriter: Shannon Devy
Business Director: Jackie St Clair Moor
Retoucher: Luke Anderson
Photographer: Lyndon Skibbe
Illustrator: Matt, Jake, Olivia, Jack, Tate, Arrin, Jo, Mikey.








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