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Narrative Truth | House and Leisure Rising Stars Films




Narrative Truth created this series of films for House and Leisure’s “Rising Stars” campaign. The campaign showcases and celebrates South Africa’s young talent across the broader lifestyle categories that House and Leisure covers.


Narrative Truth is a boutique film studio based in Cape Town, run by Bauke Brouwer and Candice Brouwer. These House and Leisure films were based on their signature ‘Just 60 Seconds’ film series (check it out here), and the idea was to create short films profiling each of the Rising Stars. They were filmed in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, in their own working environments, giving the House and Leisure readers a personal look at the everyday lives of the designers and makers.





Candice Johnson started the ethical designer knitwear brand ‘Miss Knitwear’. She designs and produces her knitwear in Cape Town, alongside local women using locally sourced materials. She says, “It’s an art form, by taking one colour out and putting another one in you change the whole stitch and the look completely.”


More about Candice and her business here.





Rangoato Hlsane is a Pan-Africanist cultural worker, writer, DJ and educator, and the co-founder & director at Keleketla Library. Based in the heart of Johannesburg, this library redefines where knowledge is found, and empowers inner-city youth and emerging creatives through art, culture and heritage programmes. “I look at Joburg as education, as a book, because of the fact that it’s Pan African, all these different nationalities give us different ways of learning”, he says.


Stay up to date with Keleketla here.





Songezo Baleni is a jewelry designer and lecturer from KwaZulu Natal, who creates intricate pieces in platinum, gold, silver and gem stones inspired by grass-weaving. His fine woven jewelry style stems from a craft he learnt whilst weaving grass as a young boy. He says, “I feel like I have used something from my culture that will stand as a proudly South African brand”.


Check Songezo’s blog out here.





Aram Lello is the man behind Lello Design, a contemporary furniture design company. He’s an architect and furniture designer. “There was only one toy that I used to play with as a kid, and that was lego. It was like a seed and eventually there was no doubt that the only door available was architecture”, he says.


Keep up with Aram here.





Ceramic artist Nic Sithole is based in Joburg, and works from Patterson Park Recreational Centre in Orange Grove. He says, “I’ve got students I teach, I normally tell them that if I can lose my eyesight I will still be making pots”.





Be sure to check out Narrative Truth’s website here, or catch them on Facebook.



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