Cinema Crime Scene | SA Launch of FOX Crime



To launch new network FOX Crime on DStv, Ireland/Davenport needed to make a big impact and target the right audience. Their solution was to produce an interactive film posed as a movie trailer and transform the interior of a cinema into a crime scene with the help of fabric hung from the walls marked with invisible UV ink that could only be seen with a UV light.


As movie fans entered what appeared to be a normal movie theatre, the lights dimmed and the fake movie trailer played. In it, two detective characters are investigating a crime scene, and equipment is being set up for a forensic examination. As one of the detectives shone a UV torch out of screen, cleverly-positioned UV lights shone onto the walls of the actual cinema revealing a bloody crime scene with UV inked “blood” splatters on the walls, extending the on-screen crime scene into the cinema itself.




Ad agency: Ireland/Davenport
Executive Creative Director: Philip Ireland
Creative Directors: Anthea Weber, Gina Anderson King
Art directors: Lida Howe-Ely, Gina Anderson King
Copywriter: Anthea Weber
Production House: Spitfire Films
Director: AK



  1. Sooo… DStv has blocked a video about its own show launch on copyright grounds apparently…


  2. Oh wow. That’s awkward. Sincerely hope the copyright is not due to the idea being done before…

  3. A quick search on youtube finds the clip.

    Pretty neat trick.

  4. That’s a rad idea. Nicely executed.