Cool Capital Catalogue by Lize-Marie Dreyer

Lize-Marie Dreyer


Earlier this year, Lize-Marie Dreyer was announced as the winner of the Portfolio Night Creative All-Stars competition. More recently, she’s caught our attention again with a catalogue she designed for Cool Capital 2014.


Lize-Marie is a student at Open Window, where the third year design students were given the task of creating a 28-page concept template for Cool Capital’s catalogue. The main organisers of the Biennale looked at the student catalogues as inspiration for the one they will actually be using next year. Lize-Marie came up with a wonderful concept for this project, filled with fun and colourful illustrations. We asked her to explain her thinking behind the catalogue she designed – here’s what she had to say:


All the citizen-lead projects (artworks/installations or interventions) that will bring about visual, perceptual and actual change to Pretoria during the Cool Capital Year will be listed in the final 2014 catalogue.


Since no artworks/installations or interventions exist yet, we were assigned to create our own projects under the name “BE KIND, DESIGN”. The twenty projects in my catalogue were the twenty I liked best of the work that was produced by the class.


To make the catalogue simple and understandable I decided to group projects that were similar. I ended up with four groups that I then turned into sections. I colour-coded these sections and designed the catalogue so that it worked on a tab-system. This as well as the descriptive icon of each project would allow any reader of the catalogue to easily navigate through the thousands of projects to a section of projects in which they are particularly interested.


The purpose of Cool Capital 2014 is to enhance the city of Pretoria with innovative and fun projects. With this in mind I designed playful characters in bright, lively colours to represent each of the sections.


Take a look at the catalogue below, and read our interview with Lize-Marie to find out more about her.


Cool Capital 2014 is a citizen-lead initiative to bring about visual, perception and actual change to Pretoria, by means of a multitude of small interventions. The Cool Capital Biennale aims to introduce the public to a wealth of art architecture, urban- and graphic design, as well as sculpture creations. The all-inclusive event is open to any individual, collaboration or group who are willing to create something within the borders and the laws of the city. Since the sucess of Cool Capital 2014 is dependent on the input of the citizens of Pretoria; dreamers and doers are invited to submit their projects and ideas. The 2014 Biennale has been scheduled to run from 23 August to November 2014 – find out more here.


Lize-Marie Dreyer Cool Capital Catalogue

Lize-Marie Dreyer Cool Capital Catalogue 2

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