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Flux Trends Open Sessions: The Zeitgeist of 2014

Flux Trends Open Sessions - The Zeitgeist of 2014


This month Flux Trends is presenting another one of their Open Sessions, with a report exploring the Zeitgeist of 2014. The investigation centres on the impact of the signs of the times and the effect that this will have on consumers, lifestyle, fashion, advertising and technology for the upcoming year.


Aiming to change the way that business is done in South Africa, each Session by Flux covers new trends specifically packaged for micro businesses and entrepreneurs. Flux Trends’ latest report will be presented on 30 and 31 October.


Posing a critical question which all advertising and marketing industries should be asking themselves, the Zeitgeist of 2014 presentaion will touch on the following aspects:


  • Hello Africa – Why all eyes are on us. The immense interest in Africa will be explored from all angles.
  • Bits, Bytes and Bodies – Online/Offline: The decline and incline of plugging in, augmented realities and edited identities.
  • The IT kids – Including noted new and rising stars, the ones to watch, and current influential bloggers.
  • New emerging Consumer Trends.
  • Slanguage – New current youth terms which can be appropriated into marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Living Forever – The anti-aging market, how the older generation is not being left behind and why you should not underestimate this.


An hour long session will be presented in Cape Town and Johannesburg, at a rate of R300 per person or R200 for students with a valid student card.


Click here to book for the Cape Town Session:

Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Time: 16:30 (registration opens at 16:00)

Address: Protea Hotel – Fire & Ice, Cape Town


Click here to book for the Johannesburg Session:

Date: Thursday, 31 October 2013

Time: Time: 16:30 (registration opens at 16:00)

Address: Protea Hotel – Fire & Ice, Melrose Arch


For more information:

Twitter: @fluxtrends #FluxZeitgeist2014

Facebook: Flux Trends


Flux Trends Open Sessions - The Zeitgeist of 2014 (2)


Flux Trends was founded by renowned trends analyst Dion Chang, to identify and package trends for the benefit of African businesses. Flux was built out of the belief that far too much information is flung at us in the modern world – much more than we’re able to digest. Flux Trends helps to distil this barrage of information, by identifying and analyzing macro trends across all fields which influence social dynamics and, as a result, our business interactions. In essence, Flux joins the dots by identifying trends that affect the way we live and work in the 21st century.


Read our conversation with @dionchang here:


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