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Openings This Week: CT – a photography auction, two solo exhibitions and one collaborative show

As expected after the recent Cape Town Art Fair things are rather quiet on the art front in Cape Town. Still, there are a few great exhibitions coming up over the course of the next few days.


To start, tomorrow night we see a spring photography auction which will bring together the work of a collective of emerging and established photographers. On Thursday a solo exhibition by Philip Barlow as well as a collaborative exhibition titled “Lovely Creatures” are set to open. Finally, an exhibition of new paintings by Carla Busuttil is opening at the Goodman Gallery this coming Saturday.


Wednesday, 30th October


A Spring Photography Auction at the Ground Floor Studio:


Photography Exhibition at The Ground Floor Studio


This auction of astounding photography will cover various genres of the field with work from a collective of emerging and established photographers. Over 50 works in various states ranging from prints to fully framed works will all be selling on an authentic auction platform at reasonable prices. Spearheaded by Inge Prins, the collective brings together the photographic talents of Monique Pelser,  Paul Cocks, Vincent Bezuidenhout, Ant Strack, Antonia Steyn, Hayden Phipps, Anita van Zyl, Frans Smit and Travys Owen.


Ground Floor Studios, 5 Maynard street Gardens.

Viewing times: 17:30-18:30. Auction commences at 18:30.

More info here.


Thursday, 31 October


Lovely Creatures by Anja Venter, Mariette Bergh and Shirley Fintz at Culture Gallery:


Lovely Creatures at Culture Gallery


In this collaborative exhibition by 3 renowned South African artists, Anja Venter, Mariette Bergh and Shirley Fintz, each artist explores the paradox of human-perceived beauty and its cost to the natural splendour of the Earth. With each impressionable piece created, the artists implore the viewers to realise that we are at one with nature rather than at odds with it.


31 October – 14 December 2013.

66 Albert Road, The Woodstock Exchange, Woodstock.

Opening time: 16:00.

More info here or see the Facebook event page here.


The Colour of Light by Philip Barlow at Johans Borman:


The Colour of Light by Philip Barlow


A solo exhibition of oil paintings by Philip Barlow. Barlow is “fascinated with colour and its relations with itself; with gradations of colour,and within gradations the beauty of subtlety; with the relationship between light and love.”  The exhibition explores these fascinations, through works which Barlow describes as a “step towards abstraction.” His paintings bring together elements of realism and abstraction, which invite an entirely new way of seeing.


31 October – 23 November 2013.

16 Kildare Road, Newlands.

More info here.


Satuday, 2 November


Post-National Bliss by Carla Busuttil at the Goodman Gallery CT:


Post-National Bliss by Carla Busuttil


Post-National Bliss, an exhibition of new paintings by South African-born and UK-based artist Carla Busuttil is being held, in which Busuttil imagines and explores the rituals and conflicts of a fictional world – one that is perpetually on the brink of chaos. Bussutil’s characteristically vivid and unsettling canvases and watercolors will be accompanied by a video piece, titled No More History, in which figures from this world recur and jostle for attention.


176 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock.

Opening time: 11:00.

More info here or see the Facebook event page here.


Between 10 and 5