Android™ KitKat presents CHOCNOLOGY



Nestlé SA and their digital agency, NATIVE VML, are celebrating the announcement of Android KitKat with Chocnology – an exhibition of 3D-printed sculptures made entirely out of chocolate. Ten talented local artists were recruited to design the edible artworks using Android KitKat as their inspiration.


The craveable sculptures will be seen for the first time at the Museum Of African Design (MOAD) in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct tomorrow, 7 November 2013, and will be open for public viewing until Sunday, 10 November 2013.


Although the project culminates in a real-world exhibition, the entire process and the story behind Chocnology began with digital consideration. All the designs were created using the Android operating system and freely available online 3D modelling tools. To produce the artwork, a 3D printer that traditionally uses a plastic-based filament was manipulated to use chocolate as its raw material, allowing the creation of intricate, three-dimensional sculptures.


The participating artist/designers are Joey HIFI, Marchand Le Roux, Arno Kruger, Muti, Liron Segev, Rene Roussouw, Hans Fouche, Orijin and Am I Collective. Executive Creative Director of NATIVE VML, Ryan McManus, said, “Nestlé wanted to showcase pure South African talent. So we looked at a variety of local creative individuals from varying backgrounds. Illustrators, 3D artists, architects, book cover designers and chocolate technicians made up the final artist line-up. Printing in chocolate was extremely challenging and there were numerous constraints in terms of complexity, size, weight and shape. The designs had to be printed into bite-size pieces and constructed by hand. It was imperative to remain true to the original vision of the artists and create visually rich and beautiful pieces without letting the constraints hinder the end results.” | #Chocnology


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