Bobtail | Boom-Free Celebrations



Dog food brand Bobtail teamed up with Joe Public and the NSPCA to share an important message for Guy Fawkes Day yesterday by making a firework themselves.


Instead of the usual explosions, when the Bobtail firecracker is lit a message pops up reading, “A dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than yours. Support Boom-Free celebrations. A donation has been made towards the NSPCA’s efforts to fight against fireworks. #BobtailBoomFree“.


The campaign was seeded through direct mailers, social media and public relations channels. To follow the conversation use #BobtailBoomFree or visit the NSPCA Facebook Page.




Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg

Client: Foodcorp (Bobtail)

Pepe Marais (Chief Creative Officer)

Roanna Williams (Creative Director)

Wynand Botha & Archie Malinga (Art Directors)

Gert Laubscher (Copywriter)

Erika Spethmann (Account Manager)

Debbie Miller (Production)

Tsholo Modisane (AV Production)

Production Company: Digital Monkey

PR Agency: Engage Joe Public




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  1. Yes, because people always light giant fireworks inside.