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Nakhane Toure: Fog Music Video

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The debut music video for Johannesburg-based singer songwriter Nakhane Toure has recently launched. The video was directed by freelance filmmaker Mark Middlewick.


Nakhane Toure is influenced by the likes of Radiohead and Lou Reed, and his unique sound has already attracted the interest of a number of top music publications.


When conceptualising the video for Toure’s beautiful song, Fog, Middlewick wanted to maintain a sense of minimalism and sought to avoid anything cliche or flashy. “As a result, I like to think the video is emotionally strong, and indirectly takes a swipe at tradition (as Nakhane is Xhosa),” says Middlewick.



Director: Mark Middlewick

DOP: David Pienaar

Art Director: Tarryn Hatchett


Find Nakhane on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated, or read a bit more about him here.


Nakhane Toure Fog


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