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The Bookmarks Awards | The Next Big Thing With Artist Vicky Sanders

Vicky Sanders Bookmarks Awards


Vicky Sanders is a Cape Town-based, Gold Loerie-award-winning artist who produces her paint and canvas creations according to a unique methodology. As an artist who uses technology to manifest her designs, this year the Bookmarks Awards selected her to create work that will encompass the idea of this year’s theme of The Next Big Thing.


To introduce yourself, could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field of digital art?

I’m from Somerset West, Cape Town and I got started in the field of digital art after studying Graphic Design at the AAA school of Advertising.


Outside of creating art, what are your other hobbies or passions and how, if at all, do you think they have influenced your art (or vice versa)?

My ultimate hobby and passion is my job so when I’m not doing that I tend to focus on things that are also creative. As a busy body I love to be crafty, so anything like cooking or sewing. I love nature, and need my fix every day. so walks with my dog feed my soul and replenish my creative energy.


You’ve been creating art using a combination of digital media and art materials and your work also produces very definitive textures. How do your materials inspire your artworks?

Often the materials I use dictate the course of the painting. I design the template of the work in Photoshop, but once I apply my texture and liquids, all sorts of magic happen. I like to think of my work as a happy accident, often it takes on a course of its own. Shapes and themes can emerge, purely from the laws of science and gravity.


The Bookmarks are around the corner and you have been commissioned to create artwork for the awards interpreting your perception of “The Next Big thing”. Could you walk us through the process and methodology that you used to develop your works for this project?

I spent a few weeks brainstorming and doing loads of research on the net. I was on a mission to find this ‘next big thing. What occurred to me was that there are ‘next big things’ happening all the time. For one to focus on one thing would be impossible. The concept started to become broader and the world of technology and invention infinite. It’s all evolving so fast that I foresee the ‘next big thing’ as being ‘the big bang’-  a whole new beginning of consciousness, the merging of the virtual world with the real one. So I’ve chosen to do an abstract interpretation of what this rebirth and next big thing will be, a representation of an explosive release of energy.


The Bookmarks also bring attention to the amazing creativity that has been achieved through the relationship between the arts and technology. How is digital art currently impacting the contemporary design world in your opinion? 

The contemporary design world is becoming more and more dependent on the world of technology. Its allowing creative’s the freedom to explore and achieve their wildest ambitions. Anything is possible these days with the help of technology.


How do you balance digital vs. traditional when making an artwork?

I use digital when coming up with my concept and design. My actual execution is all done with traditional materials.


Your work process has also been described as being very unique. The styles you experiment with have been innovative and outside-the-box. Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come from images I find that inspire me, which I manipulate to make my own. Very often this happens by accident, the most random image can be a catalyst for some great ideas.


What are you mostly looking forward to experiencing from this collaboration with The Bookmarks?

I think this has been a brilliant opportunity for exposure and promotion, I’m hoping to gain recognition from this collaboration and I also get to experience the Bookmark Awards myself, which is a privilege on its own.


What other projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a multitude of projects, this being my busiest time of the year. Mainly private commissions and projects from interior designers.


What, in your opinion, is “the Next Big Thing”?

Something completely space age…


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To find out more about The Bookmarks click here


Bookmarks Awards Vicky Sanders

Bookmarks Awards Vicky Sanders Bookmarks Awards Vicky Sanders

Bookmarks Awards Vicky Sanders

Bookmarks Awards Vicky Sanders

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