Fresh Meat: Lize-Marie Dreyer

Lize-Marie Dreyer for 10and5's Fresh Meat Grad Series

Poster for our Fresh Meat Graduate Series by Lize-Marie Dreyer


It’s been a busy and productive year for Lize-Marie Dreyer. Earlier this year she won Portfolio Night, a global event where the best of the advertising industry’s present meet the best of the years to come. She was one of the 13 creatives approached by Essie Letterpress to contribute to their annual letterpress calendar, 2014 Artist Almanac, and she caught our attention again with the catalogue she designed for Cool Capital 2014. Now she kicks off our 2013 Graduate Series, Fresh Meat, with the fantastic poster above, a Q&A, and a look at her final project.


Where and what did you study?

I did a double major in Design and Illustration at the Open Window School of Visual Communication.


How and why did you become interested in design and illustration?

At a very young age I won a competition for my artistic skills and ever since then I have just always loved art. It was one of my best subjects throughout my school career. The art class was definitely my favourite place to be, so, it just seemed natural for me to move into some art-related career. I think my parents always knew that I would end up there eventually.


What has your experience as a student been like? What valuable lessons did you learn along the way?

I probably couldn’t put into words exactly how much I have learnt in the last four years. It has been a rollercoaster of deadlines and sleepless nights. One of the most important and best-known lessons I’ve learnt – from experience! – is that you can never and I mean NEVER work off a flash drive/hard drive because your InDesign will crash and burn. This will cause your one-and-only work file to become corrupted. Thus you will have to redo EVERYTHING you did – queue the all-nighter. With that said, lesson number two is: ALWAYS backup your work. Every time I finish a new section I save a new copy so that if something were to happen, I have a very recently updated version to go back to. Finally, Design and Illustration is patience. You have to go back and do more and more and more until you are blue in the face – and then you still have to do more tweaking, until it’s perfect. Hard work always pays off.


Tell us about the concept, process and result of your final project:

The brief was to develop an info-graphic that deals with any topic of your choice. It was such an open topic that I decided to have some fun with it. I chose the “zombie apocalypse” as my topic and created an info-graphic based on REAL zombie information from a writer called Max Brooks and a whole bunch of other crazy websites (check out ZCORE) that actually really believe a zombie apocalypse is coming.  I laughed pretty much half the time I did it – no offense to any Zombophiles (a real name for people who are fans of the zombie genre).

I always love combining illustration with design. I therefore drew some quick sketches for the zombies to put into my info-graphic. Usually I would fix the planning sketches till perfection but this info-graphic required a rougher feel and so I didn’t change the original sketches much. I combined the yellow-black-grey colours to get a toxic zombie virus infected feeling to the whole info-graphic.


How would you describe your personal style, and what influences it?

Defining your own style is probably the hardest thing ever. Every day I’m learning and every year I look back at the previous years’ work and know that my style has grown and developed exponentially. Style is something that develops as the designer or illustrator grows and I’m still growing and learning! Maybe ask me this question again in 5 years time and I’ll tell you something new.


Describe your dream job.

Being a world famous Illustrator and an inspiration to people in the creative world– I’ve got a long way to go!


What are you busy with at the moment?

I’m currently busy with self-promotional products for our graduate exhibition at The Open Window on the 21st of November.  Everyone is welcome to come and check out all our talented students work. For more information email Libe Mohale (Public Relations Manager) at


What are your plans for the future? (short term and long term)

In the short term I would like to study Honours in Illustration at Stellenbosch next year. I’m excited for the new experience and the new challenges a different university will bring.

In the long term I hope that I will be creating beautiful designs and illustrations and making a change in the world by spreading responsible and inspiring ideas.


Where can we keep up with what you do? 
Follow me on Behance.



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