Net#work BBDO | SANBS Blood Donations



With blood stock running dangerously low The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needed to send out an urgent call for donors, a message that needed awareness the equivalent to that of front page news.


Net#work BBDO answered the brief by taking over the mastheads of 13 free community newspapers by turning their titles into blood-level barometers. The red fill reflected the current supply level, alongside a message about the critical low. The campaign received enough attention to bring the country’s blood stock level back up to where it needed to be.




Executive Creative Director: Brent Singer/Jenny Glover

Art Director: Juliet Honey

Writer: Jeff Tyser

Photographer: Clive Stewart



  1. This is such a great idea. The execution reminded me a bit of , but the idea is different. Nice work.

  2. … I just prefer the way the Brazilians did it first.

  3. Not quite the same thing but it does remind me of the Belgian blood bank print ad from many years ago – they used their red, yellow and black flag with the red depleted to almost nothing. Two other irks: why is ‘Country’ with a cap ‘c’? And ‘days’ needs an apostrophe to convey the possessive, as in days’.