Mail and Guardian ‘Freedom is Knowing’ Print Campaign

Diana Tunnel
Diana Tunnel


TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg has launched a stirring campaign for Mail and Guardian, rolled out on print. The concept behind the campaign is conveyed through taking famous press photographs and removing the subjects so that only the locations are left. The pay-off line reads: “Freedom of press. The difference between knowing what happened here and not knowing at all.”


The bold campaign comes at an appropriate time as press freedom is currently a heavy conversation driver within the South Africa media due to the perceived impending restrictions on local media. Almost certain to raise a few eyebrows, the work also stays true to the disruption philosophy of the agency and sees Mail and Guardian uphold their values as leaders of a truthful and honest media.




Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg

Executive Creative Director: Adam Livesey/Matthew Brink

Creative Director: Justin Wright

Art Director: Thereza Norton

Copywriter: Natalie Rose

Retoucher: Rob Frew

Production company: Egraphics – Craig Walker


Mandela in Prison
Mandela in Prison
Napalm Girl
Napalm Girl
Twin Towers Jumper
Twin Towers Jumper



  1. Brilliant.

  2. Outstanding.

  3. “leaders of a truthful and honest media”?

    No, just another artist’s work stolen:

    Sigh, this industry….

  4. someartdirector

    I was liking it. Sigh.

  5. Great stuff. I’ll get my web master (!) to put the link on my website. Keep growing – you’re doing good stuff!