Drawn | A Short Animated Story by Armand Filmalter and Stephen van Wyk


Armand Filmalter and Stephen van Wyk graduated from The Animation School at the end of last year, and Drawn was their final project. Having forged a friendship through the torturous late nights that animators know all too well, Armand and Stephen started throwing around ideas for their all important graduate film. Stephen says, “Armand’s initial idea for Drawn was quite different, there was no drawing for example. It started from the idea of letting go, letting your protective barrier down and actually trusting someone and giving them a bigger role/influence in your life. It then sort of morphed into the idea of simply making an authentic and deep connection with someone. The romantic aspect was actually completely secondary.


We then formed a team of six and began production. Typically the story did undergo a few changes throughout the different stages of production, lots of tightening and shedding unnecessary weight, pushing elements that were not coming across strongly enough, and then of course managing renders and meeting the deadline. All in all a frustrating and wonderful experience.”


The piece went on to win a gold medal at New York Festivals.




Armand Filmalter – Writer, director, art director
Stephen van Wyk – Co-director, animation, dynamics
Theresa Hargitai – Producer, animation, technical
Simone van Der Merwe – Modelling, texuring, animation
Alexandre Salomon  – Modelling, rigging
Michelle White – Modeling, texturing
Music by Craig Ormand, Bigleap Studios


Drawn was more recently shown at Short & Sweet. Inspired by the creativivity screened at the event, Stephen and Armand made the indent below for the feastival. It was made to be screened between films during an event, and the two had complete creative freedom during production.



Between 10 and 5