Oh Wow! – Ten Minute Type, Hellocomputer’s New Digs and Instagram Sneak Peeks.

For the second installment of Oh Wow! we’ve got a loooot of great things to show you, so we won’t waste any time getting to them. From art to architecture, here are the nicest things we saw this week.


ONE – Paintings by Kirsten Sims:


Kirsten Sims 3

Kirsten Sims 2


TWOElla Anne Lookbook photographed by Emma Jane Harbour with art direction by Marina Andreoli.


Emma Jane Harbour Ella-Anne Lookbook 5

Emma Jane Harbour Ella-Anne Lookbook 4


THREEThe Ten Minute Type Project by Shaun Swainland:


Shaun Swainland 10 minute type project3

Shaun Swainland 10 minute type project2

Shaun Swainland 10 minute type project1


FOUR – Photographs by Travys Owen:


Travys Owens

Travys Owen


FIVE – Georgy Porgy Children’s Book by Catherine Holtzhausen:


Catherine Holtzhausen Georgy Porgy childrens book 2

Catherine Holtzhausen Georgy Porgy childrens book 3


SIXBestrand, an ongoing project by Hanro Havenga:


Hanro Havenga Bestrand 2

Hanro Havenga Bestrand 3


SEVEN – 7 Ages of Rock by Sonia Dearling:


Sonia Dearling 7 Ages of Rock


EIGHTHellocomputer’s new digs in Cape Town (Woodstock) to be shared with Draftfcb:

“The Tramways” building was designed in collaboration with StudioMAS Architects to embody the spirit of creative collaboration. The striking space, converted from an old factory, is the perfect statement for an organisation whose redefined purpose is all about the work. See more here. Photographs by Grant Campbell.


Hello Computer Cape Town 2

Hello Computer Cape Town 4

Hello Computer Cape Town

Hello Computer Cape Town 3


NINE – Illustrations by MUTI for Art Asia Pacific:





TEN – Follow worldofjuju on Instagram for on set sneak peeks, work-in-progress shots, and the latest fashion photos from duo Juanel de la Forêt and Jesse-Leigh Elford:


Juanel de la Forêt and Jesse-Leigh Elford


ELEVEN – Deceptive Beauty by Megan Cozens:



Megan Cozens


TWELVE – Woolies Talk 2013 Poster, designed by Rory Johnson with 3D execution by Lavanya Naidoo:


Woolworths 2013


THIRTEEN – Illustrated tiara by Lorenzo Nassimbeni for Capsule Project’s “Beautiful Noise” Exhibition. Photographs by Bevan Davis:


Beautiful Noise Exhibition 2

Beautiful Noise Exhibition


FOURTEEN – Unruhige Landschaft by Maaike Bakker:


Maaike Bakker


More Oh Wow!



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