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Designer Guy Blackhurst is a talented Visual Communications graduate from Vega, Cape Town. His interesting take on the creative process saw him develop some detailed paper toy designs for his final year work. With an exciting eye for design and vector illustration, Guy appears to treasure clean, graphic layouts.


With his eyes firmly set on the future, let’s catch up with the Fresh Meat:


Where and what did you study?

I’ve spent the past three years studying at Vega Cape Town, specializing in visual communication.


How and why did you become interested in design and illustration?


During an uneventful gap year in 2009, I started getting into design and illustration. I spent a lot of my time trying to teach myself how to use the various programs in the Adobe suite. I’ve since learned that being a good designer or illustrator is about much more than just having mad skills in Photoshop and Illustrator.


What has your experience as a student been like? What valuable lessons did you learn along the way?


Life as a design student has been rather tiring and expensive to say the least. Lots of late nights and early mornings. I suppose one of the big lessons I’ve learned over the years is that sitting in front of a computer for hours on end trying to come up with good ideas very rarely yields any results – at least not for me. Taking your mind off work for a while is sometimes the most productive thing you can do. Another lesson I am aware of but am yet to learn is how to keep your files organized as you work. Probably more than half my hard drive is filled with files I don’t need but I’m too scared to delete.


Tell us about the concept, process and result of your final project.

I’m not sure we really had an official final project at Vega. I guess our year-long brief would count as a final project though. It was our one and only open brief that allowed us to create whatever we liked. Around the time of conceptualizing my idea, I was really feeling the pains of pulling all-nighters and surviving only on coffee. I decided on creating a set of paper toy characters based on the notion of being consistently overworked. The hardest part was settling on a template from the millions of prototypes I made. For the first paper toys I’ve ever made, I’m quite chuffed with how they came out.


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How would you describe your personal style, and what influences it?


I don’t think I’ve really found a personal style as of yet. I like to play around with different techniques and media but a lot of my work just ends up looking very digital and vectorized. I guess it could be because I don’t actually have any real drawing skills. Nonetheless I’ve been trying to mix in a few more hand drawn elements to my work lately.


Describe your dream job.


My dream job would be one that allows me to wake up around 10 each morning and work on cool projects from start to finish.That’s not too much to ask, is it?


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What are you busy with at the moment?


At the moment I’m busy finishing up my month-long internship as part of my Vega curriculum. It’s been pretty eye-opening so far.


What are your plans for the future? (short term and long term)

I haven’t really decided on my short term plans just yet. I’m still weighing up all my options before making any final decisions for next year. As for my long term plans, I guess I’m going to keep on trying to get closer to my dream job.


Where can we keep up with what you do? (Blog, Facebook, Twitter?)

You can follow me on Behance –

or Twitter –


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