Nokia MixRadio

Nokia MixRadio | Desmond and The Tutus x Johan de Lange

Nokia MixRadio


Nokia have updated and rebranded their music streaming service, Nokia Music, in a big way. Enter: Nokia MixRadio, delivering listeners their own personal radio station based on their listening habits, completely free and with no ads, sign up or subscription.


The new Nokia MixRadio with ‘Play Me’ is now available on Nokia Lumia smartphones in 31 countries making it the most personalised global streaming service in the world.


As part of their SA introduction they’ve teamed 4 artists with 4 SA bands or musicians, who make up part of the local acts available on Nokia MixRadio, for a band poster series that will be exhibited at our Nothing Else Comes Close exhibition this Friday. For this poster, London-based South African graphic designer and illustrator Johan de Lange (aka joh del) whose work we love, was paired with the ever-entertaining Desmond and The Tutus.


Visit We-Are-Awesome, Don’t Party and Texx and The City to see the rest of the posters that will be released throughout the day. And stay tuned for more info about Friday’s event.




Between 10 and 5