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Mitch Stratten is a South African filmmaker. His new video art project, OCP (Orifice Conditioning Plate) is the culmination of two years of single-minded work, and which has just been featured in Dazed Digital‘s series of weekly experimental films called ‘Exhibit A’.


The work itself combines a surreal narrative with a visual language that Stratten describes as “strangely familiar”. The accompanying soundtrack, which Stratten scored himself under his music moniker ‘Nodern‘, is intended to create a specifically immersive experience for the viewer.


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To achieve the unnerving visual effects he wanted, Mitch built a 3,5 ton moving set in a hanger space over a 3 month period and shot OCP in just 2 days. The effect created when the actors ‘hit the wall’ was achieved by the entire set shifting at 4 x 70cm intervals. In a behind the scenes interview with Dazed Digital, we learn that “in order to synchronise to the ‘random movement of the performers engaging in their own independent universe’, the choreographer/puppeteer would assess the walking speed of the actors and so trigger the enormous set to move from one button”.


OCP is a filmmaking feat and a visual feast; enjoy.



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