K&i Design Studio and Henry Thomas | This Way Up



Photographer Henry Thomas teamed up with Karl and Ida from K&i Design Studio to create This Way Up, a London-based photography installation.


Henry is a South African photographer based in the UK, known for his experimental landscape photography.  K&i Design Studio takes an authentic, innovative, and imaginative approach to branding and communication.




The concept for their latest project, This Way Up, is based on contradictions and juxtapositions. This Way Up plays on the space where city meets country, and images meet words. The installation emphasizes location and space, where up is down and down is up, drawing attention the overlooked elements in our everyday environment.


This Way Up showcased at the Megaro Bar until March next year, and all artworks are for sale.


Find K&i Design Studio on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website.


Catch Henry Thomas on his website.






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