Oh Wow! – Small Paintings, 3D Lettering Sculptures and an Embroidered Sketch.

Want to see the things that made us say Oh Wow! this week? Of course you do! 11 things, to be precise, and we think you’re going to love them as much as we do.


ONE – ‘Flâneurette‘ Shot by Lea Colombo for Oyster


Oyster Fashion 'Flâneurette' Shot by Lea Colombo

Lea Colombo 3


TWO – Small paintings by Ian Grose

(matty as a french girl and selfie with plants before athi’s show)


Ian Grose - matty as a french girl

Ian Grose


THREE – The City & The Suburbs by Gregory Wylde




FOUR – Beaded iPhone case by Vukile Batyi


Vukile Batyi Beaded iphone cases

Vukile Batyi→Beaded iphone cases 2


FIVE – Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 | Stamp Design by Lize-Marie Dreyer


Oh Wow!

Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014, Stamp Design

Cape Town, World Design Capital 2014, Stamp Design 4


SIX – The Fortitude Award trophy for Maris Stella High School by Mike van Heerden


Mike van Heerden→The Fortitude Award

Mike van Heerden→The Fortitude Award 2


SEVEN – Flamingo embroidery by Danielle Clough


danielle clough

danielle clough 2


EIGHT – Drawings by Lucinda Neethling


Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 1.03.54 PM


NINE – Fever 02 for “The Path Less Deconstructedby Si Maclennan


Si Maclennan→The Path Less Deconstructed 3


TEN – 3D Type Sculptures | Type and lettering by Ben Johnston with 3D modelling, rendering and 3d printing by Mark Simmons


Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston 2


ELEVEN – Neon Type piece by Frank Conradie


Frank Conradie Neon Type


More Oh Wow!



Oh Wow!


  1. Fortitude award… Funny coincidence 🙂


  2. (I recognised the logo without reading the caption!)