Fresh Meat: Matt Bouch

Matt Bouch


Matt Bouch is an advertising graduate who has just completed a degree in Creative Brand Communications at the Vega School of Brand Leadership, with a specialisation in Copywriting. Here he shares some of his portfolio, and quick-witted As to our Qs.


How and why did you become interested in advertising?

I’ve always been artistically inclined and it was after a high school job shadow at The Jupiter Drawing Room that I realised that creative careers actually existed. That said, it wasn’t until two years after matriculating that I truly sold my soul, uhm, I mean committed to a career in advertising specifically.


What has your experience as a student been like? What valuable lessons did you learn along the way?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my student years, particularly my final year. Amongst the lessons learned I’d have to say that resourcefulness is top of the list. I’ve mastered the art of operating with little to no budget and shamelessly asking for student discount.


Onyx is a publication dedicated to exposing the creative talent that lives – unknown to many – in Durban and its surrounds. My contribution to the publication was written from a contrarian point of view. Art direction: Megan Cozens


Tell us about the concept, process and result of your final project.

The final piece of work created as part of my Vega curriculum was my portfolio. While most people focussed on creating an extravagant book to house their work I felt that such a finite execution was premature. My concept was based around the notion that a final college portfolio is actually nothing final at all, but rather the first body of work in many more to come. It’s the raw base upon which a career begins and should not be lauded as an outstanding feat. With that in mind I crafted a book devoid of frill and fuss, a book with an almost disposable quality. The focus of my crafting went into building a website that could be easily updated and managed, allowing for a portfolio that could be grown and added to as future projects are completed. Not to mention the multimedia aspect a website boasts over a book.


It was quite daunting seeing my little black book displayed alongside the rather lavishly designed examples of my classmates. Receiving a distinction for it was both a great relief as well as a good way to end the year. In all honesty I have not yet shot proper pictures of the book, but it adheres to the same CI of the website.


Matt Bouch website

Matt Bouch website


How would you describe your personal writing style, and what influences it?

When I write I do so self-consciously and fastidiously. Haha. In all honesty I’m not sure I’ve developed a recognisable style yet, but I’m working on it. I’m influenced by anything that is written in a punchy enough fashion to hold my fleeting attention.


Describe your dream job.

I’ve recently been bitten by the working abroad bug, so I guess any job that involves me in a foreign country will be pounced upon rapidly. Also a coffee machine and fast Internet are dream job imperatives!




What are you busy with at the moment?

I’m finishing off the year with an internship at FoxP2, an agency with an awards cabinet reminiscent of Scrooge McDuck’s vault and some pretty inventive office plant watering technology.


What are your plans for the future? 

Short term (well short to mid term) I’m looking for a job in an agency with a focus on digital advertising. It’s an area I would love to work in so if any of the Hellocomputers, Gloos or Natives of the world are looking for a writer, I’m your guy. Long term would be acting on that dream job of mine and heading overseas for a few years.


Where can we keep up with what you do?

For my work you can check out


Twitter and Facebook are more for me keeping up with what other people are up to, haha, but nonetheless:


Matt Bouch + Guy Blackhurst


It’s Nice That is a creative publishing platform that exists through a website, a biannual magazine and through events they host and/or curate. The brand was in need of a campaign that would reconnect them with their student audience. Kids These Days is a proposed initiative to be curated by It’s Nice That. The initiative would team top students with industry professionals and have these teams go head-to-head in tackling a 48-hour brief. Kids These Days offers students a foot in the door and a chance to show the pro’s what they’re made of. Our concept was to make light of the myth that industry leaders are ruthless tyrants, thereby encouraging students to step up, take part and be noticed.


Art Direction: Guy Blackhurst


Matt Bouch + Guy Blackhurst

Matt Bouch + Guy Blackhurst

Rule of Thumb


Thum is a publication that questions constructs or ideas that we accept as the truth or regard as the norm. It is the brainchild of Nicola Chapman and along with Anya Zinn and Alex Sudheim, I contributed in filling its pages with content. My topics to write on were language and food. 


Art Direction: Nicola Chapman.


Rule of Thumb


Up the Creek


Up The Creek is an annual music festival hosted on the banks and in the waters of the stunning Breede River. The essence of sun, sound and a river filled with a colourful array of flotsam and festival-goers was brought to life through a collection of concept-driven posters.


Campaign Bronze – Loerie Awards 2013

Art Direction: Guy Blackhurst


Up the Creek



Cape Town

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