Oh Wow! – Album Cover Art, a Colour Spectrum, Foam Eggs and a Fashion Film.

Wow Oh Wow. This week you don’t only get to look at the gems we found, but you also get to listen to them! Have fun now – we sure did.


ONE – Album Art for Bye Beneco’s EP, Overwhelm:


Bye Beneco 2


TWO – Illustration by Emma Maria Strydom:


Emma Strydom


THREE – Identity design for Halo by Jana + Koos:


Halo Identity by Jana and Koos 4

Halo Identity by Jana and Koos


FOURA New Myth by The Brother Moves On:


The Brother Moves On A New Myth - Noland Oswald Dennis


FIVE – Photography range by Dylan Culhane for Robin Sprong:


Dylan Culhane Robin Sprong C


SIXFallen, a fashion film by Kent Andreasen featuring the collection of Renee Nicole Sander:




SEVEN – SNARLING by Givan Lötz:


Givan Lotz Snarling cover

Givan Lotz


EIGHT – ‘The Faces of the Moving Year (A Grammar of Colour)’ by Marion Sandwith, from the exhibition ‘A Mirror and a Lens.


Marion Sandwith 3

Marion Sandwith


NINE – Eggs made with air-drying clay, polyurethane foam and elastic band by Mitchell Gilbert Messina:


I egged your house to keep you humble, turns out it wasn’t your house, but whoever lives in 24 Mill St. was probably humbled by the experience I bet.’ 


Mitchell Gilbert Messina Eggs


TENAsseblief x Justin McGee:


Asseblief X Justin McGee C


ELEVEN – Band art for Paper Thin by Christi du Toit:


Christi du Toit Paper Thin Band Art


TWELVE – Golden solid chocolate fist sculpture by SOMA Confection


Heather Thompson Chocolate Fist


THIRTEEN – 95 ’til Infinity commemorative poster by Sindiso Nyoni:




More Oh Wow!



Oh Wow!

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