Custom Surfboards For a Kiff Cause


From left: Trevor Paul, Dok, Dee Donaldson, Christian Mugnai, Karen Dennyschene, Tokyo-Go-Go, Warwick Kay, Skullboy


The idea for this project came about when two friends, Kevin (DJ Coco Loco) and graphic designer Trevor Paul, were chatting about ways of adding something a little different to the regular Durban creative scene. We caught up with Trevor to find out a little more about the project that ensued:


Yum Yum is a music/art event organised by Coco Loco with the aim of injecting a bit of life into Durban. In the past he’s featured graffiti artists, of graffiti artists, tattoo artists, polaroid shows and other cool goings on alongside some of the best DJ’s in the country. It’s cool to have him doing these things in a city that sometimes needs a bit of a kickstart to really show itself. When it does it shines.


I was called on to round up some artists. I’ve organised several large format art events in the past (City Slickers and Bigwood exhibitions) and I’ve always been in contact with these guys through these shows, the freelance network and various collaborations and things. I invited a few of the talented people I’m in contact with, and they were all immediately drawn to experimenting with and displaying their work in a format like this.


About the canvases: Sean Collins of Crafty Hands supplied all the surfboards. He got to show off most of his range. From retro fish shapes to high performance pro models, the Crafty range is highly polished and wears it’s guns slung low. Like everyone involved, Crafty Hands is a surfboard brand that thinks a little differently.   It all came together nicely. Although we’re all from different walks of life (surfboards / art / music events etc) it all gelled perfectly because we all just did what we do best.


And all this for a good cause – raising awareness and support for the umThombo initiative. Each surfboard is for sale, and the proceeds will go towards umThombo, a charity that helps, rehabilitates and reintegrates homeless children through a powerful medium: surfing. The boards can be viewed and purchased on the Dirty Collective online store.


Roger Jardine, all-round creative genius, took the pics.


louis-surfs-0614 louis-surfs-0583


Skullboy is a Durban-based artist. He painted the Layback 70s Fish.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0004 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-9997


Christian Mugnai likes to think of himself as a full-time doodler. He painted the Bandito board.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-9987 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-9981


Tokyo-Go-Go is a freelance illustrator and designer and self professed general nerd. He painted The Kankle.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0066 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0062


Sean Collins the shaper holds Dok’s board: Dok is a junior tattoo artist at Lola Malone. He painted the Interlude Semi-Gun.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0058 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0049


Trevor Paul is an artist and graphic designer. He designed all the Crafty Hands logos, and painted The Thunder Monkey.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0046 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0039


Karen Dennyschene is an artist and art teacher whose work is all about the details. She painted The Fang.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0034 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0021


Dee Donaldson is a Durban-based artist who has exhibited widely. She painted the Parktown Prawn.


crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0020 crafty-handy-surfboards-HR-0010


Warwick Kay is a Durban-based graphic designer who describes his work as a storytelling of images and words. He painted the BFF.


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  1. These are some fine looking surfboards.
    You guys are doing great work