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Wishlist: Gisele Human

If you’re on the lookout for locally crafted gifts this festive season (or if you’d just like to see some really nice things) then you’re in good hands because we’ve got another Wishlist for you!


For the 5th edition of our series we’re bringing you a Wishlist by the exceptionally talented Gisele Human. When she’s not stringing fancy words together as a copywriter for Machine, Gisele designs and hand-makes beautiful jewellery under her label WAIF.


“I’d have to start by saying that not all of these are attainable to mere mortals such as myself, but if I could, I’d have them all,” says Gisele. Here are the local wonders she’d pick:


1. Athi-Patra Ruga Tapestry:




They don’t appear to have price tags, but Athi-Patra Ruga’s tapestries which make up ‘The Future White Woman of Azania’ saga, now showing at WHATIFTHEWORLD, are friggin’ legit.


2. Dark Horse Wrap Chair:




The wrap chair has always been one of my favourite Dark Horse items because it is so beautifully square. The take-offable side thingamajig allows for breakfast consumption and laptop working. So it’s really perfect.


3. Adriaan Kuiters Eyes Back Pack:




Adriaan Kuiters collaborated with Jody Paulsen and made some wonderful Kenzo-inspired eyezy eyez t-shirts and things. He also made a bag of the same fashion, which has yet to meet my clutching hands. Please and thank you.


4. An Actual Table at Yourstruly:




Dan’s newest addition to the Yourstruly family is working out quite spectacularly. In fact, I’ve never not seen it full. If I could, I’d like to book a table for a night and invite all my friends. (You can’t book a table at Yourstruly, can you?)


5. Get tuned by Bicycle Cape Town:




I bought my bicycle about a year ago, it’s second hand, it’s falling apart, I’d like to send it to the bicycle hospital, which in my opinion is Bicycle Cape Town. Their quote was affordable and although their pop-up shop in Gardens Centre is closed now, this website will find them.


6. The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes:




Lauren Beukes is my hero. She’s kind of like Ivan Vladislavic, but blonder, and more female I guess. Her books are so kick ass it’s ridiculous, you just wanna punch some unsuspecting criminal in the gonads when you read her books. Shining Girls also got mad awards.


7. Pichulik necklaces:




Katherine-Mary Pichulik struck a chord in my singing heart when she created these splendid colourful gems that wrap around your neck in sexy ways. You can get them at all the shops. All the shops have them. Don’t you have one? Pssssh!


8. Travys Owen portrait of teeth:




If I could get one thing for Christmas, it would be a large format print of a rack of fine teeth such as this one, but like, like really really massive. This photographer is super talented. What a nugget.


9. Spookasem Print:




Dani & Jade from Spookasem are the cutest humans, which is why they make things that you want to squeeze to death. It’s a strange reaction but it happens, Google it. This print, entitled ‘Cassandra’s Ghost’, was up at Salon 91 a few months ago. I wish it was up now so I could have it.


10. Supernatural Floral Design:




The flowers that Supernatural finds are incredible. I love the weird spiky pod coming off the left of this model’s head. Emma is an actual magician and I suggest all who love a good flower, pop by their website right here.


Find out more about Gisele’s jewellery label WAIF on her Tumblr or on Facebook and yes, before you ask, she took those wonderful pictures herself. You can also take a look at her copywriting portfolio on Behance.





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