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Wishlist: Roxanne Robinson

Wishlist is our festive season series of custom gift guides by creatives featuring SA art, fashion and design that we guarantee would never be re-gifted.


Fashion Editor at The Sunday Times Fashion Weekly, Roxanne Robinson, lets us in on the local loot she’d most like to unwrap these holidays.


1. Katrin Coetzer’s Lion Around


Katrin Coetzee


I have had Katrin Coetzer’s Lion Around print as my desktop background for the longest time, so I treated myself and bought the last print she had available for now. Any of her works are basically at the top of my list.


2. Pederson & Lennard Tree Coat Stand


Pedersen & Lennard


I live alone and I tend to be a little messy, throwing clothes straight onto the floor instead of hanging them back up. I figure, if I had one of these Pedersen & Lennard coat stands, I’d be more excited to hang my coat.


3. Missibaba’s Cha Ching Banana




Missibaba’s latest Queendom of Banana collection is so perfect for holiday time. Every item is a must have, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the Cha Ching Banana. Small enough dance with, sizeable enough for all my valuables. 


4. Opus Studio’s Monster Deliciosa




 I dream of living in a home with the walls and ceilings covered in plants, flowers and the sounds of a forest. For now, I really want every hanging plant that Opus Studio in Cape Town has to offer. Starting with the Monster Deliciosa.


5. The first Babylonstoren cookbook, ‘Babel’




In an effort to make my kitchen counters look good, I have many cook books. Lately, I’ve actually begun trying out the recipes too. Perhaps the most visually pleasing cook book of the year, Babel, is next on my culinary adventure list.


6. Anatomy Design ‘R’ Letters Cup


Anatomy design


Perhaps it’s vanity, but I love all things with my name on them, be it just the first letter. I’d be excited about brushing my teeth in the morning if my tooth cleaning things stood proud in here.


7. Alphabetical Red




I’ve grown up in the last few years (Duh) and so have my tastes, I enjoy my steak medium rare now and I prefer red wine to white. Most Fridays after work I make a pit stop en route home and pick up a bottle of Alphabetical red, it’s so great and uncomplicated. I prefer not to share. So I’d like a case or six to keep to myself for the holidays.


8. Take Care’s Olive Dress


Take Care


Summer is best in dresses, right? My favourite at the moment is this one by Take Care. I feel like I could wear this all day and then all night and then still wear it the next day and never be bored.


9. Milame




I never was the type of girl to adorn my hands and wrists and what-what, but my best friends bought me a ring from Milame designs last year and I’ve been converted. So many treats!




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