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Wishlist: Anna Savage

Wishlist is our festive season series of custom curated all-local gift guides, compiled by different creatives.


Anna Savage is one of Durban’s original creative entrepreneurs. Chef and owner of Mana, part of the team responsible for the infamous I Heart Durban parties, and part-owner at Unit 11 are just some of the diverse ventures she’s had a hand in. Most recently though, she’s grown the I Heart Market from a little gathering of crafters in a church hall, to one of Durban’s most bustling monthly events.


1. Madiba doll from Angelica




A lovely remembrance that you can cuddle up to, of our nation’s late hero.



2. Lambswool Origami cushions by Grant Davison




With Grant’s craftsmanship and attention to detail and good quality fabric these cushions will look great on my couch for years to come.



3. These earrings from Nicola Savage




They are so shiny and dangly and I love the way the positive and negative shapes change as you move.



4. Botanical candles from Babette Noble (Whom you can find at I Heart Market)




These botanical inspired candles are made of clay, glass with paraffin and a wick. I love the unusual use of ceramics mixed with the up-cycled glass and the use of light.



5.  One of Sara Trickett‘s beautiful plant creations (Also exclusively available at the I Heart Market)




It’s hard to choose… I’ll take them all and live in a jungle quite happily.



6. Alex and Thatch’s Mimi clutch bag




This hand stitched, artisan clutch bag is beautifully crafted and the ideal accessory to pair with a summer dress.



7. Karen Lace dress from Jane Sews




Yip, this is the ideal dress to pair with that Mimi clutch bag!



8. Amanda Laird Cherry platform sandals




I’m a little bit addicted to Amanda’s simple classic style of shoes. They are always extremely comfortable and versatile. Hey look, I’ve got a whole Christmas outfit here! Now, who is going to buy it for me..?




Between 10 and 5