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Wishlist: Roger Jardine

We like to keep things local during the festive season, and hope that you do too. To inspire you to buy local, we invite different creatives to share their Wishlists with us, and you.


This Wishlist was compiled for us by a very talented individual indeed – mister Roger Jardine. You may know him from his days as design guru and part owner of Durban’s “sexy little design studio called Disturbance“, or more recently, as photographer extraordinaire.


1. Daniel Naude’s Animal Farm


animalfarm13_690_wide animalfarm6_690_wide


Try photographing a domestic animal, then realise how well seen and executed these photographs are. Brilliant work.



2. Any song by Chris Letcher




One of South Africa’s finest; a colossal talent.



3. A Cameron Platter artwork



Everything Cameron Platter makes is worth owning. Try get one before it’s too late and they out of reach.



4. A Kim Longhurst illustration




Kim Longhurst is lucky like a rabbit – and so are we to have her live here in Durban SA.



5. ijusi portfolio


portfolio_1 3_ballen_kentridge2_goldblatt_kay 2_mkanme_bbotes 5_barnbrook_boshoff


A mix of photography and Illustration.



6. A jersey from Maxhosa by Laduma




You want one of these guys for those chilled African evening.



7. A classic 70’s Fish shape surfboard from Spider Murphy


70sFish 20-2010spider-cata-70fish


You need a 70’s fish for summer.






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