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Hanco Gerber

Hanco Gerber is a Graphic Design graduate who has just completed his degree at the North West University. With his interests lying in all things art including music and photography, Hanco has a passion for creating moving and amazing art. We get to know him better as he explains his final year work, his creative process and his ambitions for the  future

How and why did you become interested in Photography and Design?

I grew up in a house where art and music played a very important role in our lives. I guess the biggest influence as a child was my parents and their way of thinking differently. I’ve always been interested in all forms of art and the way one can express and communicate through it. In high school I took art as a subject and truly realized the passion I have for it. I wanted to do architecture but decided not to because of the boundaries it will have on my creative thoughts. At the end of my Gr 12 year I decided to do a Graphic Design Degree at Northwest University not knowing the diversity of the course.

What has your experience as a student been like?

It was a big learning curve with little social live, little sleep, some alcohol from time to time and too much work to do all the time.

What valuable lessons did you learn along the way?

I’ve learnt to cope with pressure and to work under stress. I have also learned that hard work pays off and that sometimes working smart and not hard does actually work. Creativity has no boundaries and anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Hanco Gerber

Tell us about the concept, process and result of your final year project?

Reflective usage of furniture: Furniture was placed in different environments with the idea of capturing and reflecting that certain environment.

For my illustration year project: I was briefed to come up with my own project and creative concept. I had the idea of doing something with furniture but didn’t really know how to approach this idea and how to connect a concept to it. Finally I found three dentist chairs and had the idea of transforming them into some form of art or reflection of art. I had the idea of painting on them or to convert them into people. This led me to the idea of capturing a feeling or to reflect someone or something rather than being someone. I decided to place each chair in an environment with the idea of capturing the essence of the environment by reflecting it. To further explain the concept of this project, I chose to connect a human being to each chair. This person would reflect the chair in real live as the persona of that specific chair.  The first environment I chose was at a dentist where the first chair was given the name Bite. Bite reveres to the relationship between upper and lower teeth. This chair has teeth growing out of it. It also has braces for the skew ones. I painted the chair pink and covered it with varnish to represent the inside of a mouth. Bite is an 18 year old school girl with braces who loves to eat unhealthy food and as an abnormal craving for sweets.

The second environment chosen is in a hair salon. Fringe is a chair that is completely covered in hair. The reason for all the hair is because hair is the only thing Fringe knows of. Fringe also has a set of hair rollers which scan be removed and adjusted as liked. The persona that represents Fringe is the owner and stylist of the hair salon. He is a homosexual male in his thirties who has a fascination with hairstyles.

The final chair was laced in a brothel where the sexual act of bondage is practiced. The chair was given the name Consent. Consent refers to the agreement to the terms as a sense of ongoing bondage relationships. This chair was reupholstered with a soft human-like material which were filled with soft stuffing to represent the softness of ones skin around sensitive/private parts of the human body. The main idea of this chair was to be suggestive by not deliberately take form of genitals. By not showing if its male or female this chair could be both. String was used to represent pubes and a rope to bind it in an uncomfortable position. Consent also has a dominant partner with a whip and studs.

What other skills and talents do you possess?

I’m musically talented where I’ve played drums and guitar in bands. Now I mix music and do DJ from time to time where I also do my own projections using 3D Mapping programs. I’m also good with gadgets and basic DIY work.


How would you describe your personal style, and what influences it?

I think the best way to describe my work is that it’s slightly different to what people are used to. I like unusual work and try to think differently when going about creating a project. It’s difficult to explain my influences because I think everything influences me from random street art to music, emotion, different art movements and art blogs ( which I try to avoid, because it causes one to create work that isn’t original but it it’s still a good source of visual stimulation )

Describe your dream job?

My dream job would be one where I can enjoy creating beautiful work with as little boundaries possible and were I can express myself to the fullest and making a difference using my work, skills and opportunities. I believe that in the fast moving times we live the perfect job will never be defined.

What are you busy with at the moment?

At this moment I’m typing the answers to this questionnaire. But I’m also enjoying my last long December holiday with nothing to do and time to think. I’m also learning new 3D software to enhance my Motion Design skills which will be helpful in the direction I’m moving in into the New Year.

What are your plans for the future? 

To be the best employee, to learn as much as possible and to build up a working  experience I can be proud of with new skills I can use in the future. I would like to travel someday, even if it results in me working in another country for a few months. Long term I would like to end up in Cape Town with an insanely awesome job.

Where can we keep up with what you do?

You can follow my Behance portfolio at

and my Soundcloud profile

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