Some 2013 Highlights Through Rainbow-Tinted Lenses

Annika de Korte
Annika de Korte


Annika de Korte works as a freelance designer and illustrator and creates works that are vibrant and youthful with a retro twist.



… Come with us on a journey through the colour spectrum as we re-visit and enjoy again some of the work that stood out, radiated with brilliance, and defined the year that was 2013!



 The Exchange by NATIVE for the Organ Donor Foundation




The Exchange is a cashless fashion boutique created in collaboration with 25 of South Africa’s top designers, who donated clothing and accessories for the store. The idea is that nothing can be bought with cash or credit card, rather only by signing up to become an organ donor.



Anja Venter’s nu-primitive illustrations


Anja Venter
Anja Venter


Anja’s a freelance art director, designer and illustrator. She’s also completing a PhD in ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development). Her thesis is focused on revolves around archiving systems and visual communication in resource-constrained areas with a focus on developing an app for low-income kids who are interested in pursuing a career in design.



The mixed-bag of great illustration talent that forms The Dutchmann Racing Poster Portfolio


Dutchmann Racing Posters


Dutchmann is a platform that connects master craftsmen with contemporary designers and artists, creating collaborations that fuse craft-based practices with progressive ideas. This project, to coincide with the Kalahari Speed Week, explored the tradition of poster design and the thrill of high speed racing.



Ulrich Knoblauch’s stunning backstage shoot for Self Service Magazine


Ulrich Knoblauch
Ulrich Knoblauch


A collection of 25 documentary-style images by Ulrich shot for Paris-based fashion and culture biannual, Self Service Magazine, at this season’s NY and Paris fashion weeks.



There’s a story unfolding in each one of Michael Taylor’s idiosyncratic artworks


Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor aims to capture a story in each of his paintings, and likens the narrative quality of his work to that of short fiction.



Anthony Neil Dart’s impressive showreel 


Anthony Neil Dart
Anthony Neil Dart


Anthony Neil Dart’s multi-disciplinary work is characterised by custom fonts, considered layouts and ordered mashups of beautiful people, design elements and data.



Sonia Dearling’s old-world illustrations


Sonia Dearling
Sonia Dearling


With an eye for colour and a sense of quirky humour, Sonia Dearling’s illustrations and Marley Tile prints hark back to a more traditional  style of image-making.



‘Prison’ by  Net#work BBDO for Chicken Licken




The final ad in a series of TV commercials by Net#work BBDO for Chicken Licken. This time advertising their Hot Wings



‘Weird Accents’ by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris for Student Flights




A copywriting triumph; a playful and clever take on what being foreign looks and sounds like.



‘Golden Plunger’ by 360eight for Yellow Pages





This humorous TVC follows the rise to fame story of the French plumber extraordinaire, Henri Delatissier.



Erika Koutny’s design that makes you want whatever it’s applied to



Erica Koutny
Erika Koutny


” I feel, as a designer, my main role is to create and/or find function, order and structure in order to achieve a synthesis towards ‘an understanding’ of a given brief, opportunity or situation.”



Tao Farren-Hefer’s poignant and colour-rich film photography


Tao Farren
Tao Farren-Hefer


Tao Farren-Hefer is hooked on the mechanics and interplay between light and shadow of film photography. With a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic 35mm film camera around his neck, he takes at least one photograph every day.



Adriaan Louw’s travel snaps that we wish we could take


Adriaan Louw
Adriaan Louw


This series of travel snaps by renowned decor and lifestyle photographer, Adriaan Louw, shows even the most familiar tourist attractions from new perspectives.



Paul Shiakallis’s surreal portraits of human behaviour and habitats


Paul Shiakallis
Paul Shiakallis


 “His work engages the void in human intimacy, the human inclination toward security, a life lived in front of a television screen, the suburban home.”



Dylan Culhane’s trippy portrayal of the Mountain Kingdom 


Dylan Culhane
Dylan Culhane


Dylan Culhane’s  effect-full images of Lesotho are digitally untouched. Being an analogue enthusiast, he created each image individually with multiple exposures, paint, collage and filters; all in-camera techniques.



Supernatural Floral Design’s returning flower arrangement to its oh-so extraordinary roots




Both Knysna-bred now Cape Town-based, Emma Frost and Jessica Ellis joined forces in early 2013 to launch Supernatural Floral Design; an outlet for their shared passion for all things natural, wild and a little bit extraordinary.



Katrin Coetzer’s delicate illustrations


Katrin Coetzer


A lady of many talents and concurrent projects, Katrin Coetzer devotes her nights making images. Working in a variety of mediums,  her portfolio is a mix of drawing, painting, collage and small paper sculptures.



O’ltak’s all-round-WOW Stars (Lemonade) music video




Kent Andreasen, Johno Mellish and Thor Rixon team up to co-direct this visual treat for Cape Town beat-maker, O’ltak.



Dani Loureiro’s hand-drawn lettering genius 


Dani Loureiro
Dani Loureiro


 Inspired by urban signage, Dani Loureiro experiment with a number of different techniques such as lazer cutting wood and perspex and engraving into plexiglass for this collection of typographic creations.



This moving ode to the sea for the NSRI by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town 




Set to a reading of John Maserfield’s poem, Sea Fever, this TV commercial explores the loving, complex and, at times, even religious relationship that South Africans have with the sea.



Ian Grose’s paintings


Ian Grose
Ian Grose


Winner of the 2011 Absa l’Atelier prize,  Grose understands himself as a ‘translator of visual material’. His oil paintings explore and re-interpret existing imagery in a style that is quickly becoming distinct.



‘Write it in your own voice’ by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris for Uni-ball pens




This campaign by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris for Uni-ball pens makes a case for hand-written letters by imagining the voices of well-known fonts



Crunch-Time’  by KingJames for Santam




Long-form copy reigns supreme in these print ads by KingJames for insurance company, Santam.



Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz: “I don’t define myself as a designer”


Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz


To give Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz a definitive job title is tricky purely because of the incredibly broad scope of what it is that she actually does. Based between Cape Town and Rotterdam, she’s involved in projects that focus on ‘Design Cultures’.



Ilse Moore’s underwater world


Ilse Moore
Ilse Moore


It was the contrary concept of flight which first made Ilse consider shooting under water. Water is also symbolic of many of the concepts she was working on at the time, being life, transformation and change.


 More 2013 Highlights.


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