Castle Lite Presents: The Ice Truck



When it comes to brand activations, is there anything more representative of ‘2013’ than a twerk-activated vending machine? It was bound to happen, and Castle Lite – who also produced a mind-activated beer pouring machine last year – took it onto themselves. Presenting: The Ice Truck: a one-man-band style mobile party station including a Turbo Refrigerator (think the opposite of a microwave), cold-blasters, Twitter-controlled ‘snow’ cannons, and of course the twerk-activated vending machine.


This feat of engineering is part of the brand’s Extra Cold Summer campaign, a collaboration between Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town and Liquorice. It was taken for a spin on a nationwide road trip in December building up to two summer parties, featuring American rapper Wale, in Durban and Cape Town on the 21st of December, the longest day of the year.


The Ice Truck
Castle Lite


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