Metropolitan | Nobody Should Have To Work When They’re Old


This new(ish) campaign by 140BBDO for investment solutions company Metropolitan takes a detour from the usual ads in the retirement plan category.


Without proper planning a lot of South Africans are forced to work well past their retirement age just to make ends meet. Starting a retirement plan while you’re a young professional is a way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Wanting to reach this target market, 140 launched the campaign via cellphone video sharing. This medium had to be considered throughout the production decisions for the ads. Art Director, Gareth Cohen said, “We had to be mindful of the idea, keeping visuals and sound simple, not only to keep the file size down, but to make sure the message was understood on a really small screen.” Clever use of framing to conceal and then reveal the crux of the idea helped to achieve this.


The idea itself also had to be an uncomplicated one. Cebisa Mfenyana, Marketing Manager: Marketing and Business Development Metropolitan Retail, said, “Our message is simple: it’s never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. By giving a snapshot into a day in the life of someone who has to work in their old age, we hope to encourage people of all ages to proactively save for retirement.”


These are the results, titled ‘Security’, ‘Zimmer Frame’ and ‘Receptionist’.





Creative Director: Alexis Beckett, Ivan Johnson
Art Director: Gareth Cohen
Copywriter: JP Le Riche
Agency Producer: Megan Sturgess

Production: Kojak Films
Director: Ari Kruger
Producer: Saskia Rosenburg
DOP: Zenn van Zyl
Editor: Kreagzy
Sound: Chris Querido
Post: Black Ginger



  1. Lekker work y’all.

  2. Awesome work JP & Lubsterinho. loved the Zimmerframe one

  3. Chest Rockwell

    Zimmer frame one is my favourite!

  4. “140 launched the campaign via cellphone video sharing” – what does this mean exactly, in tech terms?

  5. @coda – you always have feedback or criticism of the most irrelevant kind. especially considering YOU NEVER post you own work. or at least 10and5 doesn’t deem it fit to post… and that your opinion is backed up by what exactly – being an internet professional? what is that exactly?

  6. I agree with Trol.
    You don’t have to be a movie maker to have an opinion on movies, why should advertising be any different?
    And when did cellphone video sharing become a reputable media channel? It seems scammy.

  7. @trol: Not sure where you’re coming from, but my question was completely sincere and relevant and I’m genuinely curious as to what the launch entailed re: small file sizes and screens. But don’t let that stop you…

  8. @coda @ben. It is a fare question. The client has a large database they market at with cell phone messages/advertising. They specifically asked us to create a series of ads which would work on cell phones as well as the usual media. The reason we added that in our rationale was because we put a fare amount of consideration into the simplicity of framing and sound. I have no problem if you don’t like it but it’s 100% not ‘scammy’. Either way, it was a fun light hearted campaign. I wouldn’t put to much thought into it.