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World AIDS Day Message Delivered Via Wi-Fi



With the insight that South Africans have become desensitized to HIV/AIDS PSAs, this piece of communication by M&C Saatchi Abel from last month was designed to deliver an awareness message in a new and interesting way. On World AIDS Day, on 1st December 2013, the agency teamed up with MWEB to deliver a safe sex message using a medium people engage with constantly throughout the day – their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). This is how it worked:


In selected venues in four major cities, when consumers tried to join a Wi-Fi network, in addition to the list of regular connection points, there were also hotspots named after people. These particular connections were unprotected. People, being people, would take a chance and connect to this unprotected Wi-Fi spot. After connecting to this unprotected “person”, they were redirected to a landing page with a sobering message.


By using technology a significant number of people interact with every day, MWEB was able to make the safe sex message hit home harder, by simply delivering it in an innovative and unexpected manner.


World AIDS day

M&C Saatchi Abel






Executive Creative Director: Gordon Ray
Copywriter: Jabulani Sigege
Art Director: Carla Bekker
Digital Conceptualiser: Andrew Crawford 


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