Liberty ‘Shoes’ and ‘Sandton’ TV Commercials


In September last year, FoxP2 Johannesburg launched a new brand direction for insurance and investment company Liberty with the reverse time-lapse ad ‘Sandton’. They’ve followed up this year with ‘Shoes’, the story of a single pair of shoes, one of thousands, travelling from the obscurity of the production line and onto the feet of a little girl.


The ads were directed by Adrian De Sa Garces. Watch the ‘making of’ videos to find out from the team how the ads were made from planing to execution.






  1. Nice work FoxP2. Beautifully executed.

  2. That Sandton ad gets me every time. Power!

  3. My eyes seem to go blurry at the end of Shoes ad.

    It’s a beautiful story.

  4. Take a bow Fox Jozi. Impressive stuff right there.

    Sandton ad execution and craft is off the hook.

    Nice one.

  5. oooh clever agency trollz ‘big upin’ your own work. respect.

  6. Well done Adrian.

  7. wow very impressive