The Most Liked SA TV Ad Ever Researched: Share A Coke



Coca-Cola’s ‘Share A Coke‘ campaign by Draftfcb was featured on 10and5 in November last year to an overwhelming response of people hoping to see their name on a can. In this adlip video interview, Sharon Keith of Coca Cola South Africa, discusses some results of the ‘Share a Coke – Bobby’ campaign and what’s next…


“I think it’s (the campaign) been the biggest thing that has happened to us in years and years and years. What we have found is that it has captured South African’s imaginations… We tested the Bobby TV ad with Millward-Brown, and they said that this was the highest scoring TV ad they had ever tested for likeability in South Africa. ” said Keith about the advertisement created by Johannesburg advertising agency Draftfcb.


“In addition to the TV campaign, Coke rolled out an activation using Mobile Vending Units – that dispensed Coke cans with individually programmed names. The mobile units were created because it was impossible to get every South African name onto a can or a bottle – and the mobile vending machines would allow people to programme in a specific name and receive a customized can. ”




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Watch the making of the TVC here.




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