Update: Alice Edy

HONOUR AMONG THIEVES - single edition digital print, A2 on Hahnemühle paper. -- The Path Less Deconstructed, a group exhibition at .M Contemporary Gallery


Alice Edy is an artist, letterer and illustrator based in Cape Town. Primarily interested in letters and words, Alice fuses traditional modes of typography with current aesthetics and content.


Since we last featured her, Alice has been part of group exhibitions at Salon91 and M.Contemporary in Sydney and she participated in the Red Bull Canvas Curates project. “I was also part of the Wavescape charity art auction last year, along with Brett Murray and Mikael Subotzsky, which was an incredible honour,” says Alice. Other highlights include chalkboard artwork for RVCA, illustrations for Fable Mountain Vineyards as well as for Louis Vuitton, and a series of 3 skateboards with KFD which are available online at Revolution. Most recently Alice has put the final touches on her new website.


With all this work behind her, we were curious whether her style or approach changed throughout the previous year. “Definitely,” says Alice, “My approach is a lot more focused and direct now. I used to spend a lot of energy over thinking things. Now I trust my gut much more.” In terms of both typography and illustration Alice says, “I’ve been developing my own style which people are contacting me for – rather than before, when they used to tell me how they wanted something to look. It’s the best feeling!”


As for her current inspirations, Alice is interested in medieval manuscripts and old medical diagrams. “I am getting back into calligraphy which I love. I like using images and words together,” she says.


Alice has just begun her Masters in English Literature at UCT and plans to spend the year studying and working part-time. At the moment she is working on a few T-shirts for Los Muertos Motorcycle Club, and a new range of skateboards for KFD. “I think I am going to be focussing more on hand-drawn typography this year,” says Alice, “and I’ll keep drawing for personal art project. But we’ll see.”




Alice Edy - STILLLIFE, part of an exhibition at Salon91 in Cape Town

Alice Edy - KFD Skateboard Illustrations (3)

Alice Edy - KFD Skateboard Illustrations (1)

Alice Edy - KFD Skateboard Illustrations (2)

Alice Edy - KFD Skateboards (1)

Alice Edy - Dude

Alice Edy - Fuck

Alice Edy - Totes Magotes

Alice Edy - Flower Tote

Alice Edy - Fable Wines (1)

Alice Edy - Fable Wines (3)

Alice Edy - RVCA Chalkboard (1)

Alice Edy - RVCA Chalkboard (3)

Alice Edy - Mural for The Stanley Beer Yard (3)

Alice Edy - Mural for The Stanley Beer Yard (1)

Alice Edy - Wavescape Charity Auction 2013

Alice Edy - Letter 'A' for TEDxCapeTown


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