KFC ‘Tastes Like Home’



The newly released KFC TV commercial directed and shot by Kim Geldenhuys in Bangkok, Thailand, seeks to show that no matter where you are in the world you can find a taste of ‘home’ due to KFC’s 15 000 outlets in over 105 countries. The ad follows a home-sick South African girl who has emigrated to Thailand with her mother where she finds it difficult to assimilate into her new environment. A new friend of hers helps her with the home-sickness by taking her to a KFC where she gets “a taste of home.” No matter where you are and how different your environment is, one thing remains constant, the taste of KFC.


Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from the making of the commercial.


Young girl and her mother



Young girl new at school






Agency – Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Creative Partner on KFC – Mike Martin
Copywriter and designer – Jordan Tryon
Art Director – Thule Ngcesi
Production house – Egg films
Director – Kim Geldenhuys



  1. So good & WIN!

    The ad is good, but that hard sell shit at the end is uncalled for. Tell your “strategist” to stay away from your TVC’s…

  2. TFC (Thai fried chicken)

    Problem is Thailand KFC actually tastes nothing like SA KFC. It really is nasty. Lol

  3. it all feels slightly forced

  4. thanks for that ben.

  5. glad you agree trol

  6. oh i dont.. i just lurve your credentials.. ben.. they make you such an apt critic.

  7. You don’t need credentials to criticise ads. Just say it like you see it.
    A single black south african woman and her daughter move to thailand… Really?
    because that kinda thing happens every day?
    and then her little thai friends take her to kfc,
    so that she can feel like she’s home.
    because kfc is so very much south african?

    even in thailand.

    it all feels a little forced

  8. you don’t need credentials sure. but then your opinion is just that. meaningless, baseless opinion. put it this way: for as many people who hate this add there will be as many who love it.

    post your credentials, hint hint. and your opinion begins to take on weight according to your credentials.

  9. the point of anonymous commenting is that it makes all viewpoints fair and equal. why should it matter what my credentials are? Would the ad only be considered forced if some hotshot CD says it is? that’s a very ’emperor’s new clothes’ way of thinking.

    but anyways, i’m sure we can both agree that these guys need to get out of amateur hour.

  10. Agree with Ben. Woulda worked better with a SA brand.
    Steers? Nandos?

  11. This AD is so Beautiful…The AD is Great…I can also ad an Idea for the AD I thought for KFC since I see its the Best Store for Chicken. Than Nandos,Steers or chicken licken…KFC is Better