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The Friendly Ghosties Tour

The Plastics on The Friendly Ghosties Tour | A Doc by Duran Levinson



The Friendly Ghosties Tour is the first ever tour documentary for Cape Town band The Plastics. The film follows the indie retro rock band (and some benevolent apparitions) around the country on a 3 day trip they made near the end of last year to play at Live the Venue in Durban, Rumours in Johannesburg and Park Acoustics in Pretoria.


The film was produced by The Clique artist and event management, and shot, captured and exorcised by ghost buster and cinematic flyboy Duran Levinson – the co-director behind the band’s Occasional Lies music video. See more of his film work at


If you stare into the black too long pictures will emerge
Long lost family and friends and sometimes even parallel worlds
It’s difficult to remember the beginning when there are mirrors at your back and straight ahead
Keep your eyes peeled and your hearts benign for the friendly ghosties, the most hospitable of the dead


The Friendly Ghosties Tour

The Friendly Ghosties Tour

The Friendly Ghosties Tour


The Plastics would like to thank:


Photo hire, 744 digital, Ben Rausch, Francesca Barredo, Annie’s wardrobe, Ray-Ban, Scar hair, Vida-e Caffe, Bos, Paul Bothner music, Rachelle Crous, Shortstraw, High Horse, Baden Moir & Jay Thomson for making this tour and video possible.


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